Blue BI Strategie di Business Intelligence & Analytics

Business Intelligence & Analytics Systems

We transform company data into information with a high strategic value to generate more knowledge, business insights and obtain a real competitive advantage.

Blue BI Strategie di Business Intelligence & Analytics

Our BI & BA SOLUTIONS represent an important planning acceleration factor both in terms of effort and time to market. Blue BI solutions allow companies to react promptly to changes and unforeseen events, with competitive times and costs, through a flexible, scalable and results-oriented approach.

Soluzione Business intelligence per budgeting & planning Blue BI

BBI for
Budgeting & Planning

The Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics solution with high added value to implement data-driven decision-making chains: take your company into the future.
Improve forecast accuracy and shorten decision times by simplifying, integrating and automating finance and operations data collection.
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Soluzione Business intelligence per Chatbot Blue BI

BBI for

It cuts Help Desk costs by up to 75% through an instant messaging application integrated with the various company software and applications.
Access the right information from a single point of use in an easy and intuitive way. Thanks to artificial intelligence you can interact in natural language with data and processes, let yourself be supported by your Digital Twin. 24x7 and multilingual.
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Soluzione Business intelligence per Pharma Blue BI

BBI for

The BI solution for the pharmaceutical industry strategy: a Key Performance and Key Process Indicator system for an effective tailor made control system.
Control, manage and improve business strategies thanks to the experience and the Blue BI solution for the pharmaceutical industry in its entirety. For various business functions, processes and areas.
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Business Intelligence & Analytics as a factor of success

Data & Analytics strategies based on Big Data, AI and ML are today the differentiating factor that allows companies to maximize results, to the point of decreeing, in the not too distant future, their survival or not within the various markets.

The Analytics Divide today it is between those who embrace change by welcoming and developing new Data Science & Data Driven paradigms, and those who remain behind, accumulating an increasingly difficult gap to fill. A process of irreversible evolution that places companies at a crossroads: to seize change as an opportunity to dominate the market or become extinct.

The future has already begun: is your company ready?

Improve business performance

We support companies in the continuous improvement process through the innovation of decision-making processes and supporting information tools.

Our BI and Advanced Analytics tools guide and support companies in every evolutionary phase, to overcome the new challenges dictated by internal and market changes and by the continuous emergence of new technologies.

Blue BI is your strategic Business Intelligence partner for

Tailor Made technological solutions

We are not software vendors or service providers: we introduce the best technological solution based on context and needs, without any conditioning. It is not the company that has to adapt to the BI solution, but the solution is modeled on the company, improving existing processes and proposing innovative solutions:
We take care of design, development, start-up and management of systems of:


BI solutions for every technology

In Blue BI we solve the problem of integrations and data normalization between different technologies (SAP, Qlik, Microsoft, SAS, Oracle, Tableau, Dataiku, Open Source and more), software already in use in the company and external sources.
We create and manage Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions that meet the needs of customers in terms of usability, reliability and achievement of the expected results and benefits, introducing the best technological solution in company organizations based on context and needs, without any conditioning by the Software Vendor.


Benchmark Blue BI

We keep ourselves constantly updated on all the technologies present on the Business Analysis market. One of the value-added services we offer is the drafting of comparative Benchmarks between the different BA solutions, built on the basis of the customer’s needs and based on project operational experiences, in addition to the evaluation of the technical specifications of the product.
A fundamental tool to support the customer in selecting the technology that best suits his needs.

The Data Science platform that makes AI accessible to all companies.

“Leader” for 2 consecutive years in the Gartner Magic Quadrant ™ for Data Science and Machine Learning platforms.

The family of BI products and software that makes Business Analytics easy and intuitive.

“Leader” for 14 consecutive years in the Gartner Magic Quadrant ™ for Analytics and Business Intelligence platforms.

your strategic partner of bi

We believe in innovative ideas and in the sustainability of projects 

The Blue BI team is the perfect mix of business, functional and technological skills, with extensive experience in the various market sectors.



Growth rate of + 19% in 2021: we are growing despite the uncertainties of the period

Offices in Italy: Turin, Milan, Vicenza, Rome
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Let’s talk about Business-oriented Data & Analytics.

Digital Dashboard: data drives digital business investments

In the pharmaceutical industry, a deep digitalization process is underway that has prompted organizations to review their business strategies and adopt an increasingly data-oriented approach. This Case Study describes an important project developed by Blue BI for customer Angelini Pharma, which aims to centralize most of the digital activity analysis a user may need.

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KPI Management

Optimization of Business Processes through KPI Management: a successful Case Study

Blue BI managed a KPI Management project for a company in the Industrial Seals sector. Let’s see how we helped the client, who needed to use BI tools to calculate company KPIs, by implementing Qlik Sense.
The client achieved a 77% improvement because users could leverage many automations that were previously manual steps. This data indicates time and energy savings for even more accurate analyses.

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Data Strategy

Data Strategy: the key to success

What is Data Strategy and why is it advantageous to implement it in a company? Let’s see what the situation is in Italy and what the new architectural paradigms are: Data Fabric and Data Mesh. One in two companies, including both large enterprises and SMEs, claims not to use data science tools to support strategic decisions. Although growing, the margins for improvement are still enormous. Companies in advanced stages have a significant competitive advantage over immature or early-stage companies, both in terms of revenue and costs.

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