ABOUTPHARMA: Evolution of the Forecasting process in the Life Science industry

In the current situation, characterized by an extremely uncertain scenario due to the pandemic, the ability of a company to make reliable forecasts in strategic areas is a fundamental asset of competitiveness.

To build a valid forecasting system, it is necessary to establish key elements: a clear definition of the business objectives to be achieved, a structured forecasting methodology and the support of advanced technologies that monitor in a “granular” and automatic way all the main variables that impact on the outcomes of forecasts.

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) play a fundamental role in this area, which allow to improve the accuracy of results, optimize the use of resources and successfully plan new investments.

Why ask us for a dedicated session?

If you are the manager of a pharmaceutical company or of Medical Devices, this webinar will guide you to discover new models useful for dealing with an advanced forecasting system. No specific previous knowledge of the subject is required, just a lot of curiosity and desire to get informed.

webinar on demand AI e ML per Life Science



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