Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Science and Data Engineer course 2019

Presentation of the Academy Blue BI Edition 2019 course

The 2019 edition of the Academy Blue BI lasted 4 weeks for the training of new BI & BA consultants , specifically for recent graduates who wished to pursue a career as a Business Analyst, Data Scientist or Data Engineer .. The lessons were focused on Analytics processes, from Data Modeling to Reporting, Dashboarding, BSC and Infographics, through platforms such as Power BI, SAP BO, SAP SAC, SAS and Qlik.

The course took place at the Blue BI headquarters in Milan and the full immersion lessons were held by senior Blue BI consultants.

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Entirely carried out by internal Blue BI consultants

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Real analysis technologies and environments inside Blue BI structures

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50% of participants hired in Blue BI for an indefinite period

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Introduction by Golden Group and Blue BI presentation. The module aims to introduce Business Intelligence, Analytics and Advanced Analytics.

Introduction to OLAP versus OLTP, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning concepts, with focus on Data Driven Approach and Digital Transformation.

Introduction to Data Modeling, ER model theory, conceptual, logical and physical design and construction of a small database and query using SQL language.

Data Modeling for BI through the design / implementation of Star Schema, models at the basis of Business Intelligence applications.

Methodology for loading DWHs in view of the ETL session, with recommendations and best practices.

What is an ETL, ETL versus ELT, DWH Open loading methodology.

Practical examples: IT and SAP Data Services

Introducing Power BI Desktop, Data Modeling, Viewing and Exploring Data, Using Excel in Power BI, Publishing and Sharing Dashboards and Reports

Introduction to the platform: Information Design Tool, BI Lauchpad, WebIntelligence.

Define, design, create and modify queries, objects and documents with Webi. Data aggregation, use of filters and prompts. Visualization and creation of tables and graphs. Data analysis, drill and InfoView. Function, definition and context operators. Notes on Delta Release.

Introduction to Sap Analytics Cloud: a single planning and analysis solution that connects every department and aligns everyone towards common goals. Optimize workflows, learn automatically, recommend the way forward, and identify risk factors.

It allows all interested parties to interact and query data in natural language, through intuitive and comprehensive graphics.

Cloud versus OnPremise, comparison with Web Intelligence, Planning and practical activities.

Introduction to the data model and to the data visualization & analysis tool. Master Items, Sheet Creation, QMC and Administration, Developer Hub, Integrations and Data Preparation.

Advanced features: use of code within the loading script and data modeling. Reproduction of the ETL process in Qlik, use of the loading script, aspects strictly related to modeling, presentation and analysis of the data.

Participants : max 10 participants

Duration : 4 weeks – 56 hours

Course : practical lessons in the classroom at the Blue BI headquarters in Milan, held by senior internal consultants 

Objectives : training and recruitment 

Recipients : recent graduates and STEM graduates

Requirements : strong passion for data, teamwork orientation, learning propensity, strong personal determination and ability to find solutions and solve problems.

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