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Advanced Analytics to manage and make clinical trials more efficient with support for Risk Based Monitoring

An interactive and timely exploration of data allows you to improve decision making and orchestrate corrective and preventive measures quickly.

For example, it activates Process Optimization methods, through the use of suitable graphical representations, Decision Tree, Box Plot, Network Graph, Heat Maps or using advance analytics. In this way it is therefore possible to make the performance of your company more efficient.

It is also possible to follow the trend of the main efficiency KPIs and easily identify deviations from the targets or deviations from the study protocol. 

Why ask us for a dedicated session?

Let’s see together how to support the management of clinical trials.
For example Process Mining and Risk Based Monitoring: how the use of Advanced Analytics generates added value. How to control and monitor the most significant KPIs of a study? And which are the centers with a high Risk Index? Find out in this session why your company may need it too.

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