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The use of Business Intelligence (BI) tools has become increasingly important part for companies and organizations, helping them develop informed decisions through data analysis.

In this field, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have become increasingly important because they improve business processes thanks to advanced analysis algorithms that can handle more data and extract more information, taking business intelligence tools to the next level. One of the most significant technologies in this regard is Amazon SageMaker, the Machine Learning cloud service offered by the Amazon Web Services (AWS) suite.

SageMaker AI-powered Business Intelligence

Amazon sagemaker is the leading AWS Machine Learning service and has been designed as a complete set of tools to help developers and Data Scientists build, train and deploy ML models in a scalable manner. Sagemaker also includes MLOPs (Machine Learning devops) and CI/CD (Continous Integration, Continous Deployment) capabilities, including testing, automatic scalability, and model and performance monitoring.

Sagemaker is the ideal choice to develop advanced ML capabilities to integrate business intelligence processes and increase their potential. Among the various advantages are:

  • The ability to manage more data
  • The use of more powerful and performing algorithms such as Neural Networks (Neural Networks) that adapt to specific cases
  • The ability to automate data cleaning, integration and processing processes.

Use cases for Amazon sagemaker

Predictive Analysis and Time Series Forecasting

The ability to predict future trends (Predictive Analysis) is a fundamental element in the management of business processes, because it allows to prevent waste, reduce risks and focus investments on the basis of sales forecasts. Amazon sagemaker provides algorithms for the analysis of past data and based on the time element allows you to create models that can predict future behavior (Time Series Forecasting), such as sales data, turnover and quantity.

In the field of marketing, for example, being able to predict market trends of various products allows you to focus advertising campaigns and promotions in specific time intervals, maximizing the effects.

Anomaly Detection

Machine Learning algorithms are typically able to detect patterns hidden within the data: Amazon sagemaker can be used to perform Anomaly Detection. Identifying transactions or groups of data that differ from the norm is crucial in many business environments, as it allows you to capture suspicious behavior and prevent potential fraud or anomalies in processes. 

For example, in the manufacturing industry, the analysis of instrument signals helps to understand which instruments are or are not near the state of malfunction and allows to prevent these malfunctions from spreading into more important processes (Predictive Maintenance).

Sentiment Analysis

SageMaker allows you to use advanced algorithms of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze textual data, which are typically unstructured and therefore difficult to manage with classic statistical algorithms. Textual data often contains important but difficult to capture information, such as a customer’s judgment in a review or social media post. Understanding customer opinions and preferences (Sentiment Analysis) allows a company to adapt accordingly to customer needs and improve its customer care.

Customer Segmentation

Not all customers are the same. Be able to divide their customers into macro-groups based on shared features, such as demographic information, Buying trends, general behaviour and feedback are key to creating personalized marketing campaigns and increasing customer loyalty. Sagemaker allows to realize this process of Customer Segmentation through the analysis of data for the identification of common patterns and the use of clustering algorithms to divide customers on the basis of patterns identified.

Blue BI and Amazon SageMaker

The goal of Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics (BA) is to analyze data to identify relevant information, identify new opportunities and accelerate growth through informed decisions. Today’s digital transformation drives operational efficiency and competitive differentiation in the market, as relying on outdated or incomplete data can create inefficient strategies.

Blue BI is focused on developing competitive and efficient solutions to integrate Business Intelligence and cloud and promotes the use of AWS to address the challenges of data management and analysis.

Contact us to understand how Blue BI can help you implement the use of AWS services.

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