HelpDesk Chatbot? Let me introduce you to Andy, our Service Desk Agent

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Current scenario

Optimizing the management of internal activities within a company is the primary prerogative, second only to revenue, for every form of business. In 2023, amidst the Digital Transformation process, technology provides numerous tools and emphasizes the crucial role of innovation in this direction. Blue BI offers several customizable, data-focused solutions that enable 360-degree management efficiency. Among these, there is BBI X CHATBOT.

BBI x Chatbot is a virtual assistant that operates not only in the realm of customer care but comprehensively across all major business functions. Our solution extends its capabilities by leveraging business intelligence data, enabling the execution of business processes reactively and proactively, and integrating analytics within descriptive and predictive analysis systems.

Specifically, we have created four types of chatbots, but for internal use, we recommend Andy: our Service Desk Agent that supports the Help Desk environment, providing answers or documentation for frequently asked and standard questions, thus reducing costs.

Who is Andy, the Help Desk chatbot

Andy represents a new frontier in the management and availability of the company’s knowledge base, as it allows for efficient and specific user problem resolution. This allows the Help Desk team to focus on different tasks, particularly those of higher value, streamlining and optimizing the entire corporate Help Desk department.

What are the observed benefits and features of the solution?

  • Help Desk workload reduced by up to 70%
  • Multi-device, multi-user, multilingual solution available 24/7
  • Guidance on the correct use of corporate applications, manuals, and procedures
  • Integration with the corporate ticketing tool
  • Control and analytical reporting support
  • Faster problem resolution and time savings in managing the most frequent tickets
  • Increased perceived service value

Certainly an invaluable colleague to complement human efforts!

Chatbot Help Desk

Blue BI's role

As a Business Intelligence company, we believe that data is a company’s greatest “treasure.” A treasure with strategic use: by transforming data into specific information, it is possible to predict and direct the best strategies accurately and decisively. In this regard, BBI X CHATBOT is not only an innovative tool but also a fundamental data center. User requests transform into valuable insights that allow the company to understand the most common topics and determine if there is a need to intervene in a business process to improve it.

In general, our chatbot solution, based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI, can be used for various tasks, such as the main functions of a website (Chatbot Kayla): generic customer service, customer assistance in searching for products or services, answering frequently asked questions on the website (almost like human conversations), and even lead generation.”

We realize Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics solutions to transform simple data into information of freat strategic value.


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