Andy, the chatbot for Help Desk area



Have you ever wanted a virtual assistant to support the Service Desk? Blue BI has developed Andy, the chatbot that can support your team!

Who is Andy?

Andy is the “colleague” who always has the right answer at the right time.

Utopia? Absolutely not.

Blue BI has created a “Chatbot Help Desk” that supports your Help Desk department in the management of company tickets, providing answers or documentation internally and allowing colleagues to dedicate themselves to the execution of value-added tasks.

With Andy opens a new frontier in the management and availability of business knowledge base, allowing the resolution of user problems in an efficient, specific and smart way.

Thanks to its potential, it is a central hub for business support requests and can serve as the first touchpoint for answering questions. In addition, in case of very complex requests, it manages to redirect them to the correct area of expertise.

The result is a clear reduction in the resolution time of requests and issues, which translates into an increase in the time available for colleagues to manage more valuable activities.

We are therefore talking about a skillet that speeds up daily activities, increasing productivity within the company and reducing low value added activities.

Which pain allows you to manage our chatbot?

In particular, Andy supports the ICT Manager of each company by overcoming different problems that are encountered daily:

  • Usually, the Help Desk department has high costs and the budget dedicated to the latter occupies at least 60% of the resources of the area of competence of the ICT Manager
  • Usually the Help Desk Teams are fragmented and do not dialogue well with each other
  • Ticket resolution time is long because the resolution priority is based on resource availability
  • Several users make requests that could be resolved by reading company documentation
  • Lack of Help Desk performance monitoring

What are the main advantages perceived by our customers?

  • The use of Andy allows a reduction in costs as the work of the Help Desk is relieved up to 70%: thanks to Andy we assist with the so-called help desk automation
  • Andy is multidevice, multi-user, multilingual and this facilitates the management of workAvailability 7 days a week for 24 hours: it is a self-service solution , Andy is in fact a fully automated colleague!
  • Guide to the proper use of business, manual and procedural applications
  • Integration with corporate ticketing tool: you can talk about a chatbot ticketing system
  • Control and analytical reporting to support: our solution is accompanied by an analytical platform that allows you to monitor the performance of chatbot and Help Desk in a simple and direct way, identifying trends and highlighting any new issues to be integrated.

Case study Blue BI

In order to make you better know our Andy and, above all, make you feel the quality of our “IT Help Desk Chatbot”, we report a specific Case Study of one of our customers:

What were the problems encountered by the customer?

The Business Intelligence Department of one of our customers highlighted the need to automatesome internal support processes following the high number of requests in the Help Desk area with the aim of optimizing resources and processes.

What was the solution created by Blue BI?

We have created a Chatbot active 24/7 able to handle requests for support and assistance that went to impact the Help Desk department more.

This solution was also accompanied by an analytical platform able to monitor the progress of requests managed by the Chatbot in order to provide the necessary analysis for the Continuous Improvement activities.

Distinctive elements of the solution:

  • Autonomy in the management of first level IT support and assistance applications
  • Precise answers and accompanying company documentation
  • More complex questions and outside the managed perimeter redirected to the most suitable channel for the resolution of the request.

What benefits did the customer get?

A few months after go-live, the Help Desk department received great feedback from people using the Chatbot.

Andy allowed:

  • a reduction of the activities of the Help Desk up to 70%, allowing the Help Desk Specialists to dedicate themselves to tasks with greater added value and/ or expand the capabilities of the same Andy, adding new themes supported.
  • a reduction of the operating costs of the Help Desk department by at least 60%, thus giving the possibility to manage the extra-budget obtained in new projects, new investments and new innovation opportunities.

In general, in conclusion, our Chatbot has been designed to be implemented in a business scenario where the Help Desk department entails high costs and its annual maintenance occupies a substantial part of the annual budget.

In simple terms, Andy is like an open source Help Desk software that can be even more enhanced through artificial intelligence.

We realize Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics solutions to transform simple data into information of freat strategic value.


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