AnyChart: what is it?

AnyChart Data Visualization


AnyChart: what is it?

AnyChart is a US-based company entirely focused on developing Interactive Data Visualization solutions with a JavaScript chart library. This is a crucial topic for a Business Intelligence company with Data Visualization projects and Visual Analytics programs.

Here’s the reason for this new partnership: with AnyChart, Blue BI can offer its clients powerful chart customization to meet various business needs and enhance the decision-making process. By seamlessly integrating with Qlik, of which we are always a partner, we are confident in providing a highly performing package for all types of companies.

AnyChart Blue BI

What does AnyChart offer?

Currently, there are three different types of extensions:

  1. AnyChart Extension: the core of the interactive data visualization offering, providing over 30 types of interactive charts for an innovative user experience. Charts include Bar, Line, Area, Combo, Error, Circular Gauge, Bullseye, Sunburst, Waterfall, and Stacked Waterfall.
  2. Decomposition Tree Extension: designed to make Qlik Sense even more comprehensive by allowing the insertion of the famous “Decomposition Tree” chart.
  3. AnyGantt Extension: aiming to provide an advanced solution to enhance the visualization of Gantt charts, Resource Planning, and Timeline Workflows with seamless integration.

Why Choose AnyChart? The importance of "data visualization dashboard

It is a tool suitable for everyone in their Business Intelligence system who wishes to:

  • Fill any gaps in their current BI system
  • Improve the decision-making process through intuitive charts and dashboards
  • Propose an advanced way of doing BI with interactive charts
  • Have a native data visualization solution
  • Meet all business and key user needs in the field of data visualization
  • Have greater variety, ease of use, and flexibility in customizing their dashboards

Altri vantaggi di AnyChart

Other advantages include:

  • Ease of use and sharing of produced content (on social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn)
  • Saving in different formats (PDF, PNG, JPG, or SVG, or downloading chart data as Excel or CSV files)
  • Open-source code: It can be downloaded and modified with great flexibility.

In general, the goal is to enhance our response in terms of data visualization dashboards (interactive dashboards) and data visualization tools, including interactive charts for BI/Data Analytics and Gantt charts.

Blue BI's role

As a Qlik partner, Blue BI can provide you with insights into this topic, showcasing some Visual Analytics projects

We realize Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics solutions to transform simple data into information of freat strategic value.


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