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Your virtual assistant has all the answers you need, 24 hours a day - 7 days a week

The tailor-made solution that allows you to reduce Help Desk costs by up to 75%, speeds up the dissemination of information and procedures in the company as well as data retrieval, metrics and analysis through an instant messaging application integrated with the different company software and applications.

ChatBlue is a Bot born in Business Intelligence that allows you to access the right information from a single point of use (SPOC) regardless of the language, day, time and place of access in an easy and intuitive way, through an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language (NLP) interface it also adapts to less experienced users.

Reliability and precision

Optimizing the time of human resources

ChatBlue evolves with you

Business and corporate BI functions

The simplicity, reliability and granularity of the data provided have made ChatBlue the Business Intelligence Bot of choice for every business and corporate environment.

Help Desk

ChatBlue integrates Help Desk functionality, reducing costs and allowing the measurement of service level, both quantitative and qualitative. 

The result is a reduction in the percentage of user abandonment and an increase in the perceived value of the service

Self Service BI

ChatBlue is the BI Bot that allows you to query and analyze data, dimensions and metrics efficiently and quickly through natural language.

The centralization of access and use (SPOC) together with the interaction with third-party applications and corporate ERP have made ChatBlue a streamlined and highly useful corporate solution.

Digital Automation

ChatBlue integrates with Campaigns, websites, products and applications of all kinds to interact with the public and users of BI.

The wizard of custom forms and specific requests reduces the rate of abandonment by the user and increases the percentage of satisfaction.

Augmented Analytics

ChatBlue is the proactive Business Intelligence Bot: it is activated autonomously and provides timely information for accurate analysis

With ChatBlue you no longer need to connect to the different analytics and data collection apps: the bot responds by using natural language and activates based on simple or complex business rules

business intelligence chatbot

Unique features of the BBI Bot ChatBlue

KPI % Mismatch Answers

BBI for Budgeting & Planning is the business intelligence and advanced analytics solution that takes your company into the future, the high value-added solution to implement data-driven decision chains:Constantly monitor the level of service by measuring the % of mismatch, which over time must tend towards zero.

Natural Language

The dialogue is implemented via the conversational interface.

Values corporate documents and procedures without margins of error

We use Text Analytics and Text Mining to find and provide the exact answer to the user by extrapolating it from a text body or a section of it and indicating the direct link to the documentation (Word, PDF, Txt, etc.).

"70% of digital users will use a virtual assistant in their work by 2021" Gartner


Are you ready to lead your company towards innovative and smart management, anticipating change?

BBI ChatBlue enhances your investments, exploiting and reusing all the business definitions implemented over the years:

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