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The virtual assistant to 360° for your company available 24/7

The Business Intelligence Chatbot is the complete, highly customizable solution, always available and up to date with the latest Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

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BBI x Chatbot is a virtual assistant that acts not only in the field of customer care but at 360º in all the main business functions. Our solution expands its capabilities by tapping into business intelligence data, enabling business processes to be executed in a reactive and proactive manner and integrating its analytics into descriptive and predictive analytics systems.

Through our partnership with IBM, BBI x Chatbot uses IBM Watson services to recognize natural language and choose the best response to match context.


Chatbot for the Business

Introducing an AI chatbot within the company is equivalent to having a new “work colleague” who, inserted in his reference department, supports the activities and supports human colleagues in everyday operations. The use of natural language through live chat allows a simple and intuitive use.

BBI x Chatbot is customizable based on business needs.

Use Cases

We have identified the most frequent use cases in the company and made available BBI x Chatbot in 4 versions, each with specific features and functionalities.

Each chatbot has a distinct role in the team:


Service Desk Agent


Operation Manager


Business Intelligence Specialist


Digital Marketing Specialist

Integration with Chat GPT

We can integrate ChatGPT to our BBIxChatbot solution. This allows to provide a response to the user even in cases where the request is outside the perimeter.

The ChatGPT integration is useful for those who can not create a conversational dialogue suitable for the needs of users or those who want to introduce a virtual assistant in the company that is able to respond to any user request.

The combination of the two applications allows on the one hand to have almost unlimited knowledge of ChatGPT on countless topics, on the other a tailor-made solution that can know your business dynamics and allows you to work in a safe and controlled environment.

Unique features of our virtual assistants

KPI % Mismatch Answers​

KPI % Weak Answers

Natural Language

Valorisation of company documents and procedures without margin of error


"The capabilities of virtual assistants are rapidly advancing beyond the classic customer support to address specialized and industry-specific tasks. Technology product leaders must consider these advances in their product and service strategy."

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