BI chatbot for business

We have created 4 different versions of company chatbots, each with specific features and functionality, intended to play a specific role within the team.

Andy, Service Desk Agent

The “colleague” who always has the right answer, at the right time!


Help Desk Chatbot

The Andy Chatbot supports the Help Desk environment and provides answers or documentation to repetitive questions while reducing costs.

Andy opens a new frontier in the management and availability of the company knowledge base, allowing the resolution of user problems in an efficient and specific way.

Thanks to its potential, Andy can act as a central hub for business support requests, giving its colleagues the opportunity to focus on solving more complex tickets and/or performing value-added tasks, streamlining and improving the efficiency of the company Help Desk department.

The result is a reduction in the percentage of user abandonment and an increase in the perceived value of the service.

Nik, Operation Manager

The “supervisor” who recognizes and solves adverse events!

Process monitoring and Management Chatbot

The Nik Chatbot, designed for the reduction of risks and adverse events, will always be available to inform you and suggest the best action to perform in case of need.

Notify users of adverse events and provides the best solutions, reducing reaction time and increasing productivity.

Thanks to the immediate intervention of Nik it is possible to reduce the time of analysis and take action so that the reported event reaches its resolution according to the most effective actions suitable for the type of event.

Moreover, given the ability to monitor processes considered as business critical points in an automatic way, it allows to improve and/or streamline the control and support processes.

Nory, Business Intelligence Specialist

The data specialist who provides in real time what interests you!

Self Service BI Chatbot

The Chatbot Nory, the data expert, facilitates their accessibility and understanding to all her colleagues.

It accelerates the reception and use of business data by interacting with the BI layer and speeding up self-analysis activities.

Thanks to its potential, it interfaces simultaneously with different data sources, retrieves and aggregates live BI data automating and accelerating analysis activities, allowing to centralize in a single enterprise endpoint the most important analysis information.

The centralization of access and use (SPOC) together with the interaction with third-party applications and corporate ERP have made BBI x Chatbot a streamlined and useful corporate solution.

Chatbot charts

On-Demand custom charts

Nory allows you to create custom On-Demand charts that can be downloaded to your device. This allows a more immediate sharing to your work team or their insertion into a presentation to be shown to your customer or supplier.

Kayla, Digital Marketing Specialist

The digital “assistant” that boosts your business!

Lead Generation Chatbot

The Marketing Expert who knows the Business in detail and contributes to increasing the Engagement and the User Experience of the Customers who browse the company website.

Support your Digital Marketing environment by increasing customer experience and accelerating Lead Generation.  Its mission is to facilitate and optimize the virtual tour of the site helping you to increase the business of your company.

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