Real-time scenario analysis, planning and forecasting real time

The tailor-made solution to improve predictive accuracy and increase the frequency of collection and review of the planning process: a modular and flexible tool that easily adapts to the processes in place in any business unit (and not vice versa).

BBI for Budgeting & Planning enables greater planning accuracy and shortened decision times thanks to the simplification, integration and automation of finance and operation data collection.

The execution of the forecast takes place simultaneously and at the same time as the data analysis processes entered by the different business divisions thanks to a modular and flexibleweb structure, multiuser, multidevice and integration with the main data analytics platform.

Fast reaction times

The integration with the analytics platform provides a clear and immediate view of planning, allowing you to react punctually and accurately in front of any scenario.

Precise data driven information

Integration with the company’s information assets allows detailed or high-level planning, as needed, and the use of automatic algorithms enables Top-Down, Bottom-Up or a combination of the two approaches.

Validation worflow

The use of validation roles and steps resets the time taken to integrate granular data into a wider view, aligning financial and operational activities and reducing the time and activity required to confirm, validate and consolidate the data.

Business Intelligence Solutions for BBI Planning



La Digital Transformation BBI per Finance e Operation

BBI for Budgeting & Planning is the business intelligence and advanced analytics solution that takes your company into the future, the high value-added solution to implement data-driven decision chains:

business intelligence per budgeting solutions

Top output of the BBI Budgeting & Planning solution




BBI for Budgeting & Planning is the solution that easily adapts to the processes in place in any business unit, thanks to the use of modules and configurations:

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