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The Business Intelligence solution for Geoanalysis

BBI for Geo Analytics is the solution that allows you to integrate geospatial or geographic data with data from different company areas: sales, production, logistics, finance and administration, marketing, human resources.

Thanks to our geoanalysis solution, companies can make better, quick and effective decisions, allocate resources in a strategic way and develop winning solutions based on a correct reading and interpretation of endogenous (e.g. CRM) and exogenous data (trends, mobility, preferences, etc.).

Geoanalysis integrations

The BBI solution for Geo Analytics is easy to integrate into the company and allows immediate operational feedback:

Self-service Analysis

Improving business and decision making processes by accessing geo-referenced data and mapping tools at all levels and units.

Market Analysis

Refine current and potential market segments by integrating sales & marketing data with geospatial data.

Asset & Risk Management

Monitoring of corporate vulnerabilities and criticalities connected to geoanalysis data, to best allocate resources and investments.
geomarketing business intelligence

Functional features of BBI for Geo Analytics

The functions are adaptable and extendable for every single need.

Geoanalysis custom functions

Profiling and availability


Geo Marketing functions

Isochronous functions (e.g. for market penetration analysis):

Geo-Fencing function and integration with commercial strategies:

Simple to implement Geoanalytics solutions

BBI for Geo Analytics is the geoanalysis solution that adapts to the technologies and software already integrated in your company.

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