The Business Intelligence solution

BBI for Hospitality is an integrated and customizable system for analyzing company indicators specific to the Hospitality sector that provides managers with an overview in order to constantly monitor the current situation, predict the future business and implement the best development strategies for their market.

In addition to offering a monitoring system of the main indicators for the activities of the sector (ADR, Rev PAR, Revenue per Channel, etc.), BBI x Hospitality allows you to easily define customized analyzes that reflect the organizational model of your structure.

The construction and adaptation of specific indicators to the individual operating reality allows constant and timely monitoring of the progress of one’s business, visibility and forecasting of its development.

General Manager, Revenue Manager, Sales Manager and the management structures can keep under control, wherever they are, the progress of their business and, consequently, implement the most appropriate corrective actions as quickly as possible.

Constant monitoring of the structure's progress

Knowing regularly, promptly and regardless of where you are, the summary picture of the overall performance of your hotel structure.

Preparation of specific offers

By period, customers, services requested, integrating Geoanlysis data and forecast estimates.

Resource optimization and Revenue increase

Make data-driven decisions, based on the performance of your structure and the analysis of the competition.

BBI x Hospitality is a solution:

How does BBI for Hospitality work?

The solution is suitable for all hotel structures, without particular distinction of size or type.


Thanks to the BBI x Hospitality solution, the Marketing area can:


The Finance division can analyze past financial flows, put them in relation with events even outside the classic hotel management (socio-cultural events, sporting events, recurring and / or extraordinary territorial activities) and optimize the financial impact on costs and revenues. For example, a greater or lesser influx of tourists may require a higher or smaller number of employees to be employed, vary the food supply plan and all that follows.


Timely monitoring of bookings, cancellations and competition allows you to better calibrate rates depending on the period, availability and expected customers. In this way, more interesting offers are obtained for the market, improving efficiency and Revenue.

Business Intelligence for Hotel Management

Events that are difficult to predict represent the major criticalities that operators in the Hospitality sector have to face.

Effectively managing phenomena related to room occupancy such as cancellations or sudden drops in reservations also linked to external factors such as weather conditions (the forecast of good weather for the summer period, or heavy snowfall for the winter) significantly affects sales and Revenue.

Business Analytics systems that promptly highlight similar situations, or are even able to predict them, prove to be invaluable tools for implementing the most effective and profitable corrective measures.

Thanks to a Business Analytics system such as BBI x Hospitality , the entire managerial structure will be able to rely on significant indicators as a descriptive element of the functioning of the structure, to have greater confidence in the value they represent.

This translates into a new form of management in the hotel sector, based on effective decision-making processes, based on reliable, immediate and intuitive information.

Modular BI solution for Hospitality

BBI x Hospitality is not a modular system in the strict sense. This is an analytics environment that you can enrich with functionality based on requests, customer needs and therefore customizations but does not require the composition of multiple modules.

The solution is modeled on the real needs and business processes in place.

Simple to implement BI solutions

BBI x Hospitality does not necessarily require connection to the management data of the hotel (reservations, billing, management of indirect channels – Booking etc.). It is sufficient to extract or have the data necessary to calculate the KPIs in order to make the analysis environment operational. In a short time, the monitoring dashboards are available and distributable within the company.

Any adjustments to the calculation logics can be implemented in an inexpensive way.

The presentation of data in an analytical and comparative form can reveal inaccuracies in the management database that were not evident up to that moment. This phase of investigation on the source data proves to be very useful for validate the database itself and therefore support its evaluations on certified and reliable elements.

Access and Technology

The analysis system implemented is made available in compliance with the access profiles that the company defines, ensuring each user has the correct visibility of the pertinent data.

The technology used makes it possible to use the dashboards complete with the functions provided on PCs and mobile devices (Tablets, Smartphones, etc.) with the simplicity typical of Business Intelligence systems currently market leaders.

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