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All strategic KPIs in a single business intelligence solution that evolves with you

BBI for KPI Management is the Business Intelligence solution based on a flexible data model, it integrates on specific needs and technological platforms, allowing you to always have critical business KPIs under control.

It is a performance measurement system, based on Key Performance Indicators and Key Process Indicators which provides coherent control to support decisions and at the same time operational strategic planning tool based on company and market information.

Distribution of information

Information collected from different functional areas is integrated and distributed through profiling to individual areas according to the needs of the organization

Drill Down

Depth of analysis and investigation, with the possibility of calling up detailed apps to “explode” the data into its determinants.

Qualitative and quantitative KPIs

Ability to define the related performance indicators, objectives and tolerance thresholds for each function and organizational level.

BBI for Kpi Management is the modular, scalable and easily implemented solution in a short time.

Combined with our consolidated experience in providing analysis solutions to companies, it allows us to activate the best analyzes for use, industry and specific needs.

KPI Management Dashboard

Key Performance Indicators & Key Process Indicators are organized in complete and detailed Dashboards , with the possibility of creating KPI trees with weights and related synthetic indicators.

For more complex organizations, it may also be necessary to have top-down definition processes with favorable or unfavorable scenarios , possibly also following the indications of the BSC (Balanced Scorecard) methodology.

KPI Management Software

The solution meets these needs in a very simple way to implement in SAP Business Objects , Oracle BI , Qlik or Power BI .

BBI for KPI Management allows you to evolve and increase the potential of analysis software and other business analytics and BI apps already integrated into the company, thanks to models and configurations designed on specific corporate, industrial sector or specific functional areas needs .

BBI Finance and Operations functionality for KPI Management

BBI for KPI Management encompasses the set of functions and requirements commonly requested and necessary in the various realities encountered both in the Finance and Operations fields, in the various industrial sectors.

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All the features of BBI for KPI Management are easily configurable:

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