The Business Intelligence solution for Clinical Trial data management

BBI for Clinical Trials is the BI solution for managing and monitoring clinical trials efficiently, through analytical and cognitive approaches, which guarantees certain times and costs.
The BBI solution for Clinical Trials allows you to make the most of the enormous amount of data produced by clinical research without being overwhelmed. Through the use of predictive Risk Based Monitoring techniques, with anomaly detection and predictive modeling, and the use of advanced analytical and cognitive approaches in decision-making processes, data becomes the essential resource for the future financial sustainability of the sector.

Achievement of milestones

Study of qualitative metrics and monitoring based on risk indices, centralized and remote.

Real Time Analysis

Digital and analytical tools that allow automation in monitoring clinical trials, visibility of data and actions taken.

Aggregated data

Real-time data aggregation between clinical study management information systems.

Real applications of BBI for Clinical Trials

The BI solution integrates ML Algorithms to identify the sites that are most likely to perform better or worse during the clinical study.

BBI for Clinial Trials is powered by SAS Viya, a cloud-enabled in-memory analytics engine that provides fast, accurate and reliable analytical insights for data-driven site monitoring.

Process Mining

The functions are adaptable and extendable for every single need.


The BI solution that allows you to manage clinical trials more efficiently, reduces costs and minimizes unreached milestones.

Drop-Out uses supervised ML algorithms.

Risk Based Monitoring

The RBM methodology quickly identifies patterns, trends and relationships in structured and unstructured data. Transform data and KPIS into actionable information in real time.

RBM is now a methodology also required by the FDA Food & Drug Administration.

Tailored Business Intelligence Solutions for Clinical Trials

The solution provides for the download and integration of data from multiple corporate source systems, adapting to the already existing technology through the use of specific download connectors and scripts. The data, once collected, are manipulated, cleaned, transformed and integrated in order to be able to exploit all the potential informations to achieve the set objectives.

The data, once integrated and organized by area of interest, will be used for in depth analysis and monitoring of the indices, through interactive and synthetic graphical reports. The updating of the data is managed automatically in order to always have the latest available data.

The reports are available and easily accessible via browser, thus using the most common devices (tablet, iPad, PC). The reporting is also usable from Smartphone / iPhone by creating adequate reporting and in any case they can be viewed and navigated from different devices (PC, tablet, ecc.).

business intelligence per clinical trials

The use of SAS tools, in particular the SAS Viya platform, allows the implementation of the entire solution in a single integrated environment.



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