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The Business Intelligence Solution for Life Science & Pharma

BBI for Pharma translates the business strategy of a pharmaceutical industry into a Key Performance and Key process indicator system for an effective tailor-made control system.

It is a specific Business Analytics and Advanced Analyticstool for the pharmaceutical sector, a performance measurement system, providing consistent control to support decisions and at the same time operational strategic planning tool based on business and market information.

Blue BI has decades of experience in developing Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence solutions.

Field Force support with ML and AI techniques

Market Analysis e Digital Transformation

Tender Management

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Dashboard e moduli Pharma Advanced Analytics & Management

BBI per Pharma consists of a series of predefined modules relating to the specific needs of performance analysis of pharmaceutical companies.

The modular solution offers industry-typical analysis models. It consists of:





Supply Chain

Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence Tailored Solutions

The modular and predefined structure of BBI x Pharma constitutes an advantageous element of design acceleration in terms of cost and time-to-market. The modules can be activated separately and easily and it is adaptable to specific business needs.

The usability of BBI x Pharma can take place in one way:

BBI for Pharma it is accessible from the main devices such as PCs, Ipads, tablets, smartphones. It also allows you to notify, through consolidated control models, situations that require monitoring and interventions mainly via the email service.

All the features of BBI for Pharma are easily configurable:

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