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BBI Solutions

We believe in the value of data and in Data & Analytics strategies as an engine for digital transformation, currently one of the best possibilities to get out of the pandemic more strong and resilient.

Blue BI Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions are an important factor of acceleration in terms of effort and time to market, they allow companies to react promptly to changes and unforeseen, with competitive times and costs, through a flexible, scalable and results-oriented approach.

These capabilities represent today a differential factor capable of determining, in the near future, which companies will be able to stay on the market and which will not.

BBI Solutions are the ready to go solution to bridge the gap and immediately put a actually working BI & BA model.

Business intelligence per budgeting & planning Blue BI


The high-value-added Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics solution to implement data-driven decision chains: take your business into the future.

Soluzione Business intelligence per budgeting & planning Blue BI


It cuts Help Desk costs by up to 75% through an instant messaging application integrated with the various company software and applications.

Soluzione Business intelligence per Chatbot Blue BI


The BI solution for the pharmaceutical industry strategy: a Key Performance and Key Process Indicator system for an effective tailor made control system.



Integrate geospatial or geographical data with data from different business areas (sales, production, logistics, finance and administration, marketing, human resources) to make better decisions and develop winning solutions.

Soluzione Business intelligence per hospitality Blue BI


An integrated system of analysis of the specific business indicators of the Hotellerie sector to constantly monitor the current situation, predict the future Business and implement the best development strategies of its market.

Soluzione Business intelligence per kpi management Blue BI


All strategic KPIs in one business intelligence solution that evolves with you: an operational strategic planning tool based on business and market information that provides consistent control to support better decisions.

Soluzione Business intelligence per clinical trials Blue BI


The BI solution for managing and monitoring clinical trials efficiently, reduces costs and minimizes lost key objectives.

Soluzione Business intelligence per forecasting Blue BI


Generate reliable forecasts based on data that differentiate the evolution of companies on the market, overcoming the risk of the analytical divide.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Intelligence introduces a new data-driven paradigm and data-driven culture into the company. Decision makers can access data and analytics that connect past and future actions, goals, and events to take the best actions for their business.

Business Intelligence Services

BI systems represent the evolution in Data & Analytics: from knowledge to predictive intelligence.

While the normal Data Visualization systems allow an agile and immediately usable reporting, Business Intelligence intervenes at a deeper level regardless of such systems, processing the data to return them in a more meaningful form.

BBI solutions take companies beyond knowledge, toward intelligence, supporting the ability to make decisions of high strategic value.