The Advanced Analytics solution that combines the physical world
with the virtual one.

BBI for Mixed Reality turns Data Analytics & Visualization into a virtual, immersive and immersive experience,

ensuring levels of confidentiality never seen before.

The new way of analyzing data uses the AI algorithm and neural networks to recognize objects from the physical and virtual world.

Through the viewer allows navigation, report exploration and output generation in a virtual environment, in absolute privacy.

You can customize your BI solution, use built-in advanced features or integrate new ones, enable virtual assistants, and enable 3D collaborative environments.

Real Time Analisys

Access real-time data for fast interaction and cost/time reduction related to report generation.

Immersive Experience

The analysis of data and reports is carried out through a viewer, with the possibility of interaction through voice or gestural commands.

Interaction Privacy

The virtual environment is reserved exclusively for the use of the viewer, away from prying eyes.

Extended Reality for corporate business

BBI for Mixed Reality is the BI solution based on Extended Reality (XR) that allows to develop tailor-made projects to improve or revolutionize existing processes.

Interaction via headset enables the use of voice, gestural and the possibility of remote collaboration, in a mixed virtual environment (Extended Reality – XR), combining elements of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) with the physical world.

The Extended Reality device is a headset, with built-in features and other possible extensions.

Integrated XR functionality

Advanced XR features custom

Recognition of Targets

The solution allows you to recognize targets for images or objects.

Virtual Assistant & Avatar

You can have a virtual assistant as support or as your own alter-ego to collaborate with other users in mixed reality.

Artificial Intelligence algorithms are always present and allow you to get answers to any question, including analyzing huge volumes of data in seconds.

Multi Device

Extending the experience across multiple devices enables a collaboration environment. Extended Reality experiences can be developed for different devices by making the most of each one’s functionality.

3D Graphics

The solution allows you to visualize data in an innovative way thanks to the production of 3D charts within the virtual environment.

All the features of the BBI for Mixed Reality adapt to the processes and needs of any business unit, in different sectors:

Use Cases

Next Level Showroom: the use case for the Luxury Sector

The BBI solution solves the critical issues related to the Showroom events, organized cyclically by the big brands to present the next season’s samples to buyers. During the event, they check sales of products similar to those presented on a portable notebook to verify that sales of similar items have gone well previously. 

The notebook presents reports that are created manually before the event by the dedicated staff, employing several days and resources.

Main benefits

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