Blue BI at AWS Summit 2024: discover the latest innovations

AWS Summit 2024


This year, Blue BI once again participated in the AWS Summit in Milan with our colleagues Davide Aresi and Federico Balestri. This is the main annual event dedicated to Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services.

The main themes of the AWS Summit

The event primarily focused on Generative AI and data governance within the cloud. Through tech and business sessions, AWS presented the latest updates regarding their solutions in these areas, specifically:

  • Amazon Bedrock: a service for Generative AI as-a-service that provides users with various Foundation Models and advanced features such as RAG, fine-tuning, and agents.
  • Amazon Q: a virtual assistant aimed at enhancing employee productivity, capable of searching for information within company documents.
  • Amazon SageMaker: a well-known service for the development of AI and Machine Learning systems, now an even more comprehensive tool. New ready-to-use models have been added and pipelines have been improved.


Amazon is heavily investing in increasingly innovative solutions based on Artificial Intelligence. Highlights included curiosities such as driving simulators, drone piloting, intelligent foosball, and others.

As Blue BI, we aim to stay updated on the latest industry trends and invest in the most innovative solutions. This is why we consistently participate in events like the AWS Summit 2024.


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