Blue BI in apiary thanks to the Partnership with 3Bee



On May 31, Blue BI participated in the training workshop and the experience in apiary of 3Bee in Mortara, Pavia.

It was a time to learn more about the world of bees and biodiversity and discover many curiosities about these insects that, as we know, are fundamental for our survival.

One of the many curiosities that we discovered is that bees are responsible for the growth of 70% of the fruits and vegetables that we eat and 90% of the wild plants that are on our planet.

During the day, we also had the pleasure of participating in the tasting of honey: acacia, lime, dandelion and chestnut. A delight for our palates and a way to discover the difference between honey that comes directly from the apiary in comparison to those that comes from industrial honey.

During the afternoon, however, we made a real experience in apiary:

The beekeeper David showed us different beehives and we had the possibility to see the male and female bees and, the queen bee and the work that all of them do inside the hive.

Blue BI is helping 3Bee protect bee health and biodiversity. For this, he decided to adopt a beehive and plant 200 trees in Piedmont and Calabria.

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