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Blue BI in partnership with Treedom for a greener planet



At Blue BI, environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) plays a very important role in everything we do. We believe that companies and institutions, profit and not-for-profit, together, can make a difference, pooling their skills to give an adequate response to the changes we are experiencing.

Blue BI, which participates in various initiatives in this field, has begun, in October 2022, a multi-year partnership with Treedom, a company that allows you to plant trees around the world to make our planet greener and provide with concrete help to the community of farmers. Growing up, the trees planted absorb CO2, protect the soil and biodiversity and their fruits can be used by the farmer as a food or economic resource.

The benefits of trees

The trees planted by Treedom are meant to benefit not only the environment, but also the people who live there. In fact, Treedom collaborates with ONG and local communities to select the right tree, for the right soil and for the right purpose.

Environmental benefits

Treedom selects the soils where the planting of trees can produce positive effects for the territory, including: the fight against soil erosion, the enrichment of biodiversity, the protection of soil fertility and the creation of sustainable ecosystems.

Social benefits

Social benefits, however, stem from the fact that local farming communities can benefit from trees by using their fruits as a food resource or as a source of income.

The Forest of Blue BI

Blue BI has committed itself with a multi-year plan to create the Blue BI Forest, planting 800 trees with the aim of creating benefits not only for our planet, but also for the communities of farmers living in the areas selected to grow our trees.

For the moment, the Blue BI Forest is composed of trees of different species (e.g. Albizia and Cacao) located in Cameroon, Kenya, Malawi, Ecuador and Ghana.

If you want to discover our forest, click below!

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