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Blue BI in support of Comitato Maria Letizia Verga



Blue BI decided to support the cause of Comitato Maria Letizia Verga.

The Association was born from the union of parents, doctors, health workers, volunteers, associations, institutions and companies that work together every day to offer a better quality of life to children and young people suffering from blood oncological diseases and diseases of high therapeutic metabolic and genetic complexity.

The history of the Comitato

The Maria Letizia Verga Committee was founded in 1979 by Giovanni Verga. His goal was to study and treat leukemia in children at the De Marchi Pediatric Clinic in Milan.

In 1994, the Maria Letizia Verga Committee started the Matilde Tettamanti Menotti De Marchi Foundation, a research center that deals with childhood haematopathies, while in 1999 the Residence Maria Letizia Verga was opened, hosting every year about 50 children and their families. The Residence, located near the Centro Maria Letizia Verga, is a house that offers children and their families the opportunity to live near the hospital in a safe and comfortable environment, especially to those families who cannot return to their homes at the end of the therapy days in Day Hospital.

The Maria Letizia Verga Committee is also the first supporter of the Cellular Therapy Laboratory “Stefano Verri“, one of the first cell factories in Italy that works on experimental treatments in onco-hematological and degenerative. The Laboratory has been authorized by the Italian Drug Agency (AIFA) to produce experimental pharmaceuticals that offer new treatment opportunities to patients for whom conventional therapies are not effective.

In 2015, the Maria Letizia Verga Center for the Study and Treatment of Child Leukemia was opened. It is a system that brings together research, care, therapy and care and aims to offer children the best possible care, while caring about the needs of their families.

Milan Marathon 2023

On 2 April some colleagues of the Blue BI team, Marco Sartori, Andrea Cirella, Alberto Caramaschi and Davide Aresi, participated in the Milano Marathon 2023.

The race was an opportunity to support the Residence Maria Letizia Verga.

The relay, 42 km long, was divided into 4 fractions, each of which was run by one of the colleagues.



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