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Nicola Celli, Blue BI

Here is the text of the article published in Il Sole 24 Ore regarding Blue BI ‘s Advanced Analytics.

Blue BI grows with Advanced Analytics and greater awareness of organizations in the Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence fields.

According to Dr. Celli , CEO and Owner of Blue BI: “The effects of the pandemic will stay with us for many years but with the radical changes enormous opportunities also emerge. Not only to restart what was interrupted or suspended, we can draw new paths, follow new paradigms, seize the moment to change and evolve. Managers and C-Level must feel the challenge of the moment, seize the opportunities, accelerate change, build a more resilient organization to optimize the evolution of their business “. Blue BI is a company with offices in Turin, Milan, Vicenza and Rome with proven experience in the field of design, implementation and management of Business Analytics systems: Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Big Data, Data Lake, IoT, Machine Learning, Geomarketing.

It collaborates with primary actors and bodies at global and local level such as Gartner and the Observatories of the Politecnico di Milano. It promotes its Corporate Social Responsibility and invests in young talents.
Since its inception, Blue BI has sensed that the value capable of guiding us in the digital transformation process that is so much talked about lies in data and has concentrated all its efforts and resources to cover a primary and recognized role in this sector.
The expertise gained, the constant investment in training and research, the strategic choice to always build reusable components, the extreme focus on data and related value generation strategies have allowed it to establish itself in the Italian market through the implementation of innovative projects for customers of absolute importance in the pharmaceutical, fashion & luxury, logistics, financial fields just to name a few.
The unstoppable rise of the cloud and the huge and growing amount of accessible data are an extremely effective channel for finding, sharing and delivering value. Applications must be able to translate this great potential, this large amount of data and processing capacity into value for companies. The Blue BI Board has recently developed the Business Plan called RoadTo2025 which provides for the doubling of business and personnel volumes. Trends in Data & Analytics can help organizations respond to the change, uncertainty and opportunities that digital transformation offers. Leaders need to understand how to turn these trends into investments to accelerate the ability to anticipate, change and respond to business needs.

Why not do it with Blue BI ?

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