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Blue BI present at the conference “The metamorphosis of Media: the new faces of digital advertising”

media metamorphosis digital advertising 2022


On 15thJune 2022 Blue BI attended the conference “The metamorphosis of Media: the new faces of digital advertising” by the Internet Media Observatory.

The main theme was the change that digital advertising has undergone in recent years with the emergence of new tools. Audio, television and communication Out of Home (OOH) are the main protagonists: these media have in fact started a path of digital expansion that is becoming increasingly important in the world of advertising.

The digital audio format is currently the most active with higher growth rates than traditional formats and, on the supply side, it shows an increase in the diffusion of new audio content.

As for Television, the driving area is the one of connected TV that allow you to offer personalized ads both in terms of content and formats.

The OOH communication, however, despite the restrictions of the pandemic, continues its digitization, reaching a weight of about 30% of the entire sector by the end of 2022.

In this context, the theme of cross-mediality becomes fundamental: companies must be present on all communication channels, using them in an integrated and strategic way and conveying messages and personalized content for each individual user. Cross-media is a key factor in the success of campaigns and improves consumer opinion about advertising.

Another element to be considered in the analysis of the advertising market, in addition to the return to normality and the advancing digitalization, is the uncertainty of the market due to the international instability and the socio-economic crisis. For the moment, however, data show that, despite the impact of the pandemic, the value of the advertising market in Italy has managed to recover since early 2020, reaching the most significant increase since 2009.


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