Business Area

We create tailor made Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions, specific for each business area of the company: marketing, finance, sales & commercial, supply chain, digital strategy, IT, helpdesk, etc.

The digital transformation process and the Data Driven approach allow each company function to obtain information of great strategic value, to make the best choices and contribute to the success of the entire organization.

In a scenario in which the Analytics Divide is already generating a strong gap between companies that welcome and exploit the potential of AI technologies to their advantage, and those that postpone this evolution, Blue BI is the strategic partner to introduce Business Intelligence & Analytics systems specific to company function.


BI strategies to increase sales and acquire new leads, thanks to a customer-based orientation and real-time measurement of the impact of corporate communication on the main touchpoints.


It increases the success of the corporate Digital Strategy with a modular and flexible tool that allows the integration of data from different sources and corporate departments, for maximum forecast accuracy.


BI Solutions to make sales analysis to operate data-driven decision-making processes that can increase sales performance, by changing their plans in the process on the basis of both internal factors and market conditions.


Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence support Supply Chain optimizing production, preventing unexpected downtime and malfunctions and planning the distribution through tools that show traffic in real-time.

Business Intelligence at the service of business functions

The digital transformation and the introduction of new Data Driven & Analytics paradigms represent the starting point for obtaining the maximum results from every company function.

Never before has the ability of companies to react promptly to changes, reduce costs, increase revenues, better understand customers and suppliers, intercept and anticipate market trends, represents an important differentiator, destined to become a survival factor on the market in the future.

Each company function therefore has the ability to identify and direct investments in AI to generate the greatest possible value.

Blue BI acts as a BI partner to support companies and introduce new Business Intelligence & Analytics models and systems capable of implementing the best strategies and automations to reduce the gap generated by the Analytics Divide and maximize the result in every business area of the company.