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Data Strategy

Data Strategy: the key to success

What is Data Strategy and why is it advantageous to implement it in a company? Let’s see what the situation is in Italy and what the new architectural paradigms are: Data Fabric and Data Mesh. One in two companies, including both large enterprises and SMEs, claims not to use data science tools to support strategic decisions. Although growing, the margins for improvement are still enormous. Companies in advanced stages have a significant competitive advantage over immature or early-stage companies, both in terms of revenue and costs.

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Digital Marketing Chatbot

Kayla, Digital Marketing Specialist Chatbot: how to increase customer experience.

The increasing importance of chatbots in the digital landscape is a tangible sign of Digital Transformation. These artificial intelligence platforms have become a fundamental element in offering personalized, immediate, and efficient user experiences, also supporting the sale and purchase of products and services. But what are the advantages of introducing a chatbot on your website? Read the article to find out!

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Data culture

Data Culture: a pillar for business success

At Blue BI, we are aware that technology alone is not enough: we believe that corporate culture is an enabling factor to fully develop the potential of companies aspiring to become data-driven and how real-time data analysis can be a powerful tool to overcome uncertainty in data interpretation. Let’s explore together our perspective on the use of a data-driven strategy, which is based on 5 points.

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Generative AI

The impacts of Generative AI

Generative AI has taken on a central role, capturing the attention of experts and industry professionals. This innovative technology has been the focus of in-depth analysis and debate, revealing its potential and revolutionary impacts in various sectors.
Let’s find out together what it is and what impacts it can have for companies.

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AnyChart Data Visualization

AnyChart: what is it?

With AnyChart, a company focused on Data Visualization, Blue BI is able to offer its customers a powerful customization of charts to meet different business needs and improve decision making.

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The engine of BI: 3 points for successful infographics

The goal of infographics is to simplify the understanding of complex data. It is therefore essential to use well-designed infographics to be able to communicate effectively.
With the support of Blue BI complex information can be communicated in a simple and innovative way!

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