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tecnologia dataops

DataOps: the methodology for efficient data management

The DataOps methodology helps to redefine the proper management of business data flows: a set of agile software engineering (devops) practices, processes and technologies applied to data, to improve quality, speed, collaboration and promote continuous innovation of data analysis.

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Integrazione BBIxChatbot - ChatGPT

The ChatGPT integration you can’t miss

The integration of ChatGPT with our BBI x Chatbot solution allows you to extend the perimeter of managed requests thanks to the almost unlimited knowledge of ChatGPT and to have at the same time a tailor-made solution suitable for your company.

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manutenzione predittiva

Predictive maintenance: what it is and how it works

Predictive maintenance extends the life of physical assets (manufacturing machinery, equipment and computers) allowing to reduce costs and exploit resources. Unlike corrective or preventive maintenance, it is based on real-time monitoring, enabled by AI and IoT technologies.

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