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Kayla, Digital Marketing Specialist Chatbot: how to increase customer experience.

Digital Marketing Chatbot


How to Increase Your Website’s Customer Experience?

How to Quickly/Easily convey Information about Your Products/Services?

How to Provide 24/7 365/365 days responses to maximize your service?


The answer is very simple: with BBI X CHATBOT, Blue BI’s virtual assistant that operates not only in the Customer Care field but 360° across all major business functions. A solution that expands its possibilities by tapping into Business Intelligence data, enabling the execution of reactive and proactive business processes, and integrating its analytics within descriptive and predictive analysis systems.

Introducing an AI chatbot within the company is like having a new “virtual colleague” that, inserted into its reference department, assists activities and supports human colleagues in day-to-day operations. The use of natural language via live chat allows for easy and intuitive use.

BBI X Chatbot is customizable based on business needs and can assume 4 different roles, each with specific characteristics and functionalities. Our team consists of: Andy, Nory, Nik, and Kayla. In this specific case of website, digital marketing and customer experience, I would specifically talk about Kayla.

Kayla is our Marketing expert who, when properly trained, knows in detail the Business of every company and contributes to increasing engagement and User Experience for Customers navigating the company’s website, also accelerating Lead generation.

Chatbot Kayla: features

  • All company touchpoints are efficiently managed.
  • Automation of Alert and Notification processes.
  • Interaction with the human level only when necessary.
  • Prompt responses, regardless of day, time, and access location, in an easy and intuitive manner.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) interface suitable for even less experienced users.
  • Integrable with other BI applications and third-party virtual assistants (ChatGPT).
  • Supports all industrial sectors: Life Science, Luxury & Fashion, Retail & Grocery, Logistics & Transportation, Banking & Insurance, Hospitality, Media & Communication.
Chatbot Sito Web

Marketing Chatbot: what are the benefits?

  • Permanent assistance with multilingual support: chatbots can be active 24/7, offering constant assistance to website visitors and enabling companies to reach a global audience.
  • Instant response: chatbots provide instant answers to visitor questions, improving the user experience and reducing wait time.
  • Reduction of human workload: chatbots can handle common and routine questions, reducing the workload of human staff and allowing them to focus on more complex and strategic tasks, adding value.
  • Data collection: with user consent, chatbots can collect data on website visitors, allowing companies to gather valuable information about users and their needs. The website as a strategic data center.
  • Automation of business processes: chatbots can be integrated with existing business systems to automate processes such as appointment booking, customer request management, and more.
  • Reduction of operating costs: the use of chatbots can reduce operating costs, as processes can be automated and human resources can be dedicated to activities with higher value.
  • Scalability: chatbots can handle a large volume of interactions simultaneously, allowing companies to easily scale to meet increased demand.

To stay in the market, it is not only necessary to differentiate but also to adopt increasingly advanced technologies and keep up with continuous innovation.

Therefore, our chatbot is a response to the request for automation and efficiency on your website. Furthermore, with the explosion of Generative AI, we have decided to integrate all of our Chatbots, not just Kayla, with ChatGPT.

The growing importance of chatbots in the digital landscape is a tangible sign of Digital Transformation. These artificial intelligence platforms have become a fundamental element in offering personalized, immediate, and efficient user experiences online, also supporting the sale and purchase of products and services (e-commerce chatbots).

With their constant learning and adaptation, chatbots represent a valuable resource for companies looking to improve communication with their customers. They are reliable allies in providing timely information and guiding users through complex processes.

We realize Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics solutions to transform simple data into information of freat strategic value.


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