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Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files that are transmitted from the Site to the devices of users who visit it, and which are then retransmitted to the Site on subsequent visits; they may have different characteristics and be used for different purposes, both by the Site Owner and by third parties that provide technical services to the Owner or directly to the user.

This site uses cookies, which can be of different types:

  • “technical” cookies, which do not require the user’s consent, and therefore are installed automatically after opening the Site; they can be session, if they are deleted from your device when the browser and / or the navigation tab is closed; persistent, if they remain in the memory of your device even after the closure of the site at the first access, and can be read again at a subsequent opening of the site
  • first-party cookies (session and / or persistent), useful for evaluating – for example – how the Site responds to use by users and interactions with the features offered, with the main purpose of improving the browsing experience; in some cases, through cookies the Site is able to remember your browsing preferences and the sections visited, helping to personalize and improve the user experience;
  • third-party cookies, which are installed or activated by the Site, following the user’s consent, to allow access to features and services offered by third parties with respect to the Owner; these cookies are usually persistent.

The Owner has prepared a specific and complete list of cookies used by the Site, both first and third party: it is available upon request.

The Site may also use cookies, both first and third party, classified as “profiling”, with the user’s consent: through them, the Owner can customize and improve the user experience within the Site. Failure to consent to the use of these cookies, although it does not affect the general usability of the Site, could result in a limitation of some features for the user.

In particular, the Owner informs the user that the services of the following third parties are used within the Site:

  • Google Inc. and / or Google Ireland Ltd., as regards the “Google Analytics” service;

If the user wishes to prevent the receipt of cookies by default and / or from time to time through the settings available in the browser used, thus denying consent to non-technically necessary cookies, the settings can generally be changed according to the following procedure:

  • select the item “Options” or “Preferences” in the “Tools” or “View” or “Edit” menus;
  • select the item “Privacy” or “Protection” or “Cookie” and choose your preferred settings.

In general, the Data Controller invites interested users to collect more information on the use of cookies to visit the pages www.aboutcookies.org and / or www.youronlinechoices.com.