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Corporate Social Responsibility

Blue BI is attentive to issues concerning social responsibility, a very sensitive topic nowadays. In our company, Corporate Social Responsibility plays a very important role in everything we do; we believe that companies and institutions, profit and non-profit, together, can make a difference, pooling their skills to provide an adequate response to the extent of this change.

blue bi corporate social responsability

For this reason, corporate social responsibility is rooted in our business strategies and we believe it is important to continue investing in them, considering it a key factor to successfully face unstable or turbulent markets, creating a  digital workforce of the new generation guiding young people towards an increasingly inclusive future of work. Consistent with this vision, one of the specific declinations of sustainability in Blue BI is to promote a constant and constructive dialogue with all stakeholders, trying to create a fertile ground for opportunities for the development of social innovation projects and initiatives that have an added value. consistent with the company business.

A further step towards an increasingly developed CSR is given by joining with United Nations Global Compact, a United Nations initiative created to encourage companies around the world to adopt sustainable policies in compliance with corporate social responsibility. Through its 10 Principles , that Blue BI has decided to support, UNGC not only lays the foundation for upholding responsibilities to people and the planet, but is also laying the foundation for long-term success.