Digital Twin: The Future Is Now

A digital twin is a system built with technologies based on artificial intelligence and which can have different objectives, first of all, to simplify and speed up the interaction with the user. But how do we interact with software today? What happens when we are asked to install a new “program” on our company PC?

In most cases, we can either compare the functions of the new software to one we already know or we need a manual, someone to explain how it works, an online or classroom course! The Digital Twin is above all a system made to communicate with us in the simplest way, that is in our language; a system whose goal is to understand what we need and then act accordingly.

Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Google Assistant can be considered as “domestic” Digital Twins. In the business environment, according to Gartner, applications of this technology drive various business opportunities.

A recent research conducted by Gartner on 503 companies across the US shows that 26% of the companies interviewed had already implemented a Digital Twin system while a further 33% of the companies interviewed intended to introduce it in the next 24 months.

In this webinar we will describe in detail the Blue BI experience in the Digital Twin field, also presenting some implemented projects.

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