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We believe in the value of data and in Data & Analytics strategies as an engine for digital transformation, to react promptly to changes, predict and direct market trends. Currently one of the best ways to get out of the pandemic stronger and more resilient.

We have created a series of specific contents for companies that are facing these changes to support them in the correct management of the tools and fully grasp all their real potential.


Available on demand, they are Business Intelligence & Analytics contents specific for the industrial sector, technology and business area.


Case studies on real Business Intelligence & Analytics projects specific to the industrial sector,
technology and business function.

The value of knowledge

We believe in the opportunity to transform business data into information of high strategic value to
generate more knowledge, business insights and gain a real competitive advantage.
These possibilities are feasible today thanks to BI and Advanced Analytics solutions based on Big Data, AI and ML, tools that allow you to improve business performance in every area, reducing costs,
increasing revenues, better understanding customers, suppliers and market trends, etc.
Only companies capable of introducing new Business Intelligence & Analytics models and systems will be
able to implement the best strategies and automations to maximize results and thrive.

Win the challenge of the Analytics Divide

In a world that is running fast towards the changes imposed by AI and ML technologies, companies have only a choice: to seize the opportunities of the Data & Analytics strategies, transforming them into an engine of growth, or succumb to market players who will be the first and best to have new ones
BI paradigms, tools and solutions.
It is the Analytics Divide: an irreversible process of differentiation today, capable of determining the capicity of the companies to stay on the market in the not too distant future.

At the base of this technological evolution there are two fundamental aspects:

Only a sufficiently mature ecosystem will be able to accommodate and implement complex architectures for data analysis and the use of machine learning algorithms.

In the not too distant future, the ability of companies to stay on the market will be determined by their very aptitude to develop and implement new BI, Analytics & Data Driven paradigms and systems.

Blue BI acts as a strategic partner to develop Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions, guides and supports companies in every evolutionary phase, implements the best strategies and automations to reduce the gap generated by the Analytics Divide and maximize results.