Gartner IT Symposium 2020

Gartner IT symposium 2020


Also this year Blue BI is present at the Gartner Symposium with Nicola Celli and Andrea Astolfi to listen to the latest news and trends in our sector from Gartner .

Gartner symposium 2020

One of the strengths of Blue BI is to be constantly updated to provide customers with the best services and the best solutions on the market.


Challenge conventional thinking during times of uncertainty to emerge as a winner. Start with cultural change when you embark on digital transformation, instead of waiting to deal with it later.


Create agile, responsive and innovative IT and technology operating models. Drive digital business success using digital design practices.


leverages the combined forces of data, analytics and artificial intelligence to deliver business value inside and outside the company. Recognize the value of customer, citizen and employee experience in the corporate value proposition for digital business success.

As Gartner suggests, join us at the heart of technology, business, strategy and inspiration!


gartner it symposium 2020



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