IBM Watson

Watson is IBM Artificial Intelligence.

It’s a business-ready solution for businesses and professionals that includes both virtual support technologies and the integration of AI into business processes.

IBM Watson allows you to transform insignificant and raw data into strategic informationthrough the understanding of natural language, images and sounds is able to provide recommendations, predictions and automate the work.

At Blue BI we have developed in-depth technical and functional skills on the main IBM Watson solutions for BI, we use this technology to:

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Blue BI solutions based on Watson systems (chatbot and Augmented Analysis) allow companies to save huge volumes of working hours reducing costs and increasing the degree of customer satisfaction. In addition, we simplify the collection and interpretation of significant data: we connect the data of the company’s information assets with external resources, in an agile and user-friendly way, supporting informed, immediate and effective decision-making processes. aware and immediate. We make sure that every decision made, at every level of management, has a positive impact in terms of optimization of the resources , cost containment, increase in turnover and development of innovative strategies based on certain scenarios, otherwise impossible.

ibm watson BI & analytics solutions

Watson Technology

Watson is a system that allows natural language processing information retrieval, knowledge representation, machine reasoning, and machine learning technologies. It is built on the basis of DeepQA, IBM technology for the formulation of hypotheses, massive collection of counterevidence, analysis and scoring (ability to achieve a goal).

Watson runs on on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments..


The versatile, scalable, cloud-based architecture of Blue BI solutions allows easy adaptation to the most diverse needs to be managed. Solutions that rely on Watson services can rely on a wide choice of connectors and the ability to work with different programming languages, thus increasing the level of versatility of Blue BI technologies.

Design and functionality

Blue BI builds custom solutions based on IBM Watson that allow companies to optimize resources, both human and non-human. Repetitive and automated processes are carried out by technology, freeing up hours of work for more complex and strategic tasks.

Blue BI solutions integrated with Augmented Analytics technology have an active role in the Business, as they are able to communicate automatically changes or anomalies. The level of support of these solutions represents a crucial aid for the control, the increase of the quality of the processes cannot but be a normal result after the adoption of these solutions.

Transforming elementary data into meaningful information

The evolution of production, management and interaction systems, also enabled by digitization, makes it possible to have large quantities of data available which, if not treated adequately and normalized, produce a lot of disrupted information, difficult to process and of little significance for the business strategy of any sector.

Blue BI realizes Business Intelligence solutions based on Watson technology able to extract significant information starting from elementary data, even in sources, in a fast (real-time) time to obtain insights of great positive impact on all the decision-making processes of the company.

Everything made easy to use, from anywhere, from any device, at any time.

IBM Watson solutions for every technology

ChatBlue is the chatbot created by Blue BI based on Watson technology: reports or graphics by formulating natural language requests, to which the Chatbot (virtual assistant) answers after having found the information through the systems implemented in the company (Qlik, SAP, Microsoft, etc.) supplying certified data, 24h/7gg, drastically reducing the workload on the corporate structures that must provide the support.

Benchmark Blue BI

We keep ourselves constantly updated on all the technologies present on the Business Analysis market. One of the value-added services we offer is the drafting of Comparative benchmarks between the different BA solutions, built on the basis of customer needs and based on project operational experiences, in addition to the evaluation of product technical specifications.

Benchmark analysis is essential to support the customer in selecting the technology that best suits his needs.