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It can be said with certainty that success in solving problems is closely related to understanding the problem itself. Every successful business decision requires an accurate analysis of the planned action. For years, Blue BI has been constantly supporting companies in their digital transformation process to gain competitive advantages.

Companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of being Data Driven, that is to base daily decisions on specific analyses that highlight strengths and weaknesses of business. This can be easily achieved through Power BI Mobile, which combines the power of data with ease and speed of access. Already from this introduction, it becomes clear that Mobile Business Intelligence is a key element in any company’s digital transformation roadmaps.

Benefits of Power BI Mobile for enterprise digital transformation

As mentioned above, Blue BI offers complete support for the digital transformation of any company, providing essential tools, including Power BI Mobile. This solution allows everyone to easily access business data at any time, thanks to an app available on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Power BI Mobile offers a number of key benefits, including:

Ubiquitous access to business data

Power BI Mobile is a state-of-the-art solution that provides business professionals with all the tools they need to continuously access business reports wherever they are. Its extraordinary versatility and ease of use make it ideal for a wide range of users, from executives to sales representatives and anyone who needs real-time business information.

One of the keys to success of Power BI Mobile is the adoption of the concept of “Software as a Service(SaaS) for Business Intelligence, which means that Power BI is hosted on a cloud server and can be used as a service. This approach allows users to access business data without the complexity of the underlying technology infrastructure. It is an extremely flexible approach that can make the difference between seizing a crucial opportunity and losing competitive advantage in a constantly changing market.

This flexibility is especially valuable for those who are in constant motion, such as executives and sales professionals. With Power BI Mobile, a user can access real-time sales data, view instantly updated reports, and adapt business strategy when and where they need it.

This agility can be the key to success in a dynamic and highly competitive business environment.

Fast and intuitive access to business data

The strength of Power BI Mobile lies in its ease of use. Designed to be accessible to users of all skill levels, this platform allows anyone to harness the potential of business data without necessarily having advanced technical skills. The user-friendly interface guides users through the process, allowing them to explore and understand data intuitively and effortlessly.

With just a few taps, users can explore a wide range of information and KPIs, simplifying the data analysis process. The platform is designed to put the power of analytics directly into the hands of users, wherever they are.

A distinctive feature of Power BI Mobile is its ability to keep users constantly updated. Thanks to real-time notifications, users receive alerts when they are mentioned in comments by colleagues or when their KPIs exceed critical parameters. This level of instant interaction ensures that no major event is overlooked, even when users are out of the office.

The innovation doesn’t stop there: Power BI Mobile offers a voice command function, which allows users to quickly open the most used reports through a simple conversation with their device. This feature further improves accessibility to business data, allowing users to get information with ease.



Customization and security in business data

The ability to profile the user access based on their roles is a critical element in designing an effective business intelligence (BI) system. Power BI offers a flexible and powerful solution for this need, allowing you to customize your user experience and ensure that each team member can only access information relevant to their corporate responsibilities.

Here’s how Power BI makes this access profiling possible:

  • Custom roles creation: Power BI allows the creation of custom roles within a BI application. These roles can be defined based on specific business requirements and user responsibilities. For example, you can define roles such as “Sales Manager” and “Sales Director”, each with appropriate access and privileges.
  • Row Level Data Security: A powerful feature of Power BI is “line level data security”. This feature automatically filters the displayed data based on the user’s role. In other words, the Sales Manager will only see data about his region, while the Sales Director will have access to all regions. This filter is applied dynamically based on the user accessing the application.
  • Object permissions control: Power BI allows you to manage which objects (reports, dashboards, datasets) each role can view and edit. This ensures that each user can only access objects relevant to their role.
  • Efficiency in reporting: As pointed out, this strategy allows the creation of a single app that meets the needs of all business figures. This greatly simplifies the reporting process and reduces the complexity of access and authorization management.

In summary, Power BI access profiling is a smart strategy to ensure that every user has access only to information relevant to their role, thus improving efficiency, the security and maintainability of the business intelligence system.

Advanced security for enterprise data protection

Microsoft puts security at the heart of Power BI Mobile design to ensure maximum protection of sensitive business data. Here are some of the robust safety measures integrated into Power BI Mobile:

  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA): Power BI Mobile supports multi-factor authentication, adding an extra layer of security by requiring multiple identity verification methods before granting access.
  • Data encryption in transit: Data transmitted between the user’s device and the Power BI servers is protected by HTTPS/TLS encryption, ensuring security during transmission.
  • Data encryption in storage: Business data stored on Power BI servers is also encrypted, providing access only to those with the necessary permissions.
  • Granular access controls: Power BI provides detailed access control, allowing administrators to define who has access to specific data and reports.
  • Integration with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD): Native integration with Azure AD simplifies user identity management and consistent enterprise security policies.
  • Mobile Device Management: Organizations can implement mobile device management (MDM) policies to protect the mobile devices of users accessing Power BI Mobile.
  • Monitoring and Auditing: Power BI provides monitoring and auditing tools to track user activity, data changes and access operations, detecting abnormal behavior.

Microsoft provides a set of robust security measures to protect business data within Power BI Mobile. These measures help ensure data integrity and confidentiality, allowing organizations to leverage the benefits of mobile business intelligence without compromising security.


In conclusion, Power BI Mobile stands as a key catalyst for transforming businesses into a data-driven era. Offering flexibility and security, it allows users to easily access business data directly from their mobile devices. This accessibility not only improves productivity and collaboration, but promotes a data-driven business culture, where decisions are driven by up-to-date and reliable information.

The opportunity that Power BI Mobile offers to companies is obvious. The adoption of this technology represents a significant step towards a more efficient and responsive business environment. Users can get access to the data they need at any time without compromising security.

With Blue BI’s support and experience in developing mobile reporting, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the curve in a world where change and timely decisions are essential to success.

Power BI Mobile and Blue BI can be confirmed as reliable allies for the future of data-driven businesses.

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