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Industry 5.0 is coming and it’s called ChatGPT

Industry 5.0-ChatGPT


At the time of ChatGPT, we are led to wonder if modern deep learning systems such as GPT-4 are a form of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). In fact, as we have seen in recent months, GPT-4 is not limited to conducting a specific task but is able to manage problems of all kinds (fundamental ability of General Artificial Intelligence) and to reason, plan and learn from experience.

This innovative technology thus has the power to revolutionize the way we communicate, collaborate and solve problems, and can accelerate the digital transformation process and progress of Industry 5.0.

What is Strong Artificial Intelligence?

Strong Artificial Intelligence, also known as General Artificial Intelligence (AGI) would be at the level of a human mind and could therefore think like a human being.

This line of AI is also known as Strong AI or Human Level AI, precisely because it will be able to perform the same intellectual tasks as a human being. In fact, unlike ANI (Artificial Narrow Intelligence or Weak Artificial Intelligence), AGI will be able to imitate the general abilities of human beings, not limiting itself to specific restricted tasks.

General Artificial Intelligence will be achieved when AI reaches the human level in the following aspects:

  • Ability to reason, solve problems, use strategies and make decisions in uncertain conditions
  • Represent knowledge
  • Ability to plan
  • Learning ability
  • Ability to communicate using natural language
  • Integrate all previous points towards a common goal

What is Industry 5.0?

Industry 5 .0 focuses on strengthening the technologies behind Industry 4.0 (AI, iot, Big Data, Cloud, etc.) and aims to increase digital transformation by creating greater collaboration between humans and machines: to do this, the efficiency and speed of industrial automation are combined with the creativity, research and innovation and critical thinking skills of humans.

In this perspective, human well-being is placed at the center of the industry to ensure a right response to consumers who require speed and customization, thus increasing the levels of competition for companies.

ChatGPT is the beginning of Industry 5.0?

Among the pillars of Industry 5.0 we find “Man at the center”: industry is centered on man and for this reason human needs and interests are placed at the center of the production process, wondering, contrary to what happened before, what technology can do for workers and not vice versa. In this sense, ChatGPT is the demonstration of how such a technology can concretely help man in his tasks by facilitating the entire work.

Another pillar of the fifth industrial revolution is “Resilient industry“: Industry 5.0 emphasises the need to work towards greater agility and resilience in the production process in order to react appropriately to possible difficulties in times of crisis. With this in mind, ChatGPT is proving to be a valuable ally in helping those who use it in real-time.

The adoption of ChatGPT by companies would bring several advantages in terms of competitiveness that are also linked to the advantages of the pillars of Industry 5.0:

  • Customer attraction and loyalty: ChatGPT makes the work environment more innovative and interesting, helping to increase employee satisfaction and loyalty that could finally engage in more valuable activities.
  • Resilience: ChatGPT, as well as other technologies underpinning Industry 5.0, would help companies develop the agility and resilience needed to be able to react to disruptive changes through data collection, automated risk analysis and enhanced security.

In conclusion, ChatGPT has become the protagonist of the development of digital transformation and the progress of Industry 5.0. Indeed, the adoption of ChatGPT by companies will contribute to their success in the panorama of the fifth industrial revolution.


How does Blue BI respond to Industry 5.0?

ChatGPT integrated with BBI x Chatbot

Blue BI has gone further in this field and has decided to integrate ChatGPT to its BBI x Chatbot solution. If you want to know more, read our article about it.

Other Industry 5.0 technologies

Among the technologies used by Industry 5.0 to make the interaction between man and machine more fluid, there are also Advanced Analytics. Blue BI has always believed in the value of data since Industry 4.0 and for this it focuses on Advanced Analytics to help companies that need to predict the future and potential risks and therefore have the opportunity to react promptly to changes achieving a significant competitive advantage.

Contact us to find out what is the best solution for your business and to get into the heart of Industry 5.0.

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