Integrated mashup and statistical analysis

Mashup e analisi statistiche integrate


We are in the era of Cognitive Computing, Digital Transformation is not an end but a necessary step to be able to access revolutionary technologies and methodologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Machine Learning which already represent a fixed point in the technological and functional scenario available today. of the market.

All these tools, which are rapidly developing, presuppose the existence of very extensive and constantly increasing databases; all companies, public, private as well as individuals have now become large “data factories”.

The biggest challenge for most companies  therefore today resides in the ability to acquire a competitive advantage by working on  Big Data that surround us e  which are of different origin, structure and shape.

The goal is to combine, integrate, mix and analyze elements, data and information of a heterogeneous nature, allowing to obtain more useful results than the single starting data.  current of Business Analytics solutions.

On the large amounts of information available, it is now possible to create new contexts of analysis to obtain the maximum possible value from the information being handled by having increasingly sophisticated data available and to gain new knowledge from available information.

For some time, Blue BI has been supporting companies that want to do just this approach in the creation of integrated systems that strengthen their potential for data analysis and distribution.

Mashup and Advanced Analytics represent two examples of the potential offered by modern analysis tools


The Mashup applications they combine data and information from various sources, present them to the user integrated in a single overall graphical interface and offer functions and services to generate new research and analysis and obtain the highest possible value from the data.

In a Mashup, the final result is typically composed of a combination of internal corporate data and analytical and transactional applications that can also be integrated with external data and Web content.

Thus, new products that use the union of existing data are easily created, to gain new knowledge from available information, increasing their value, increasing their usefulness both personally and professionally and transforming them into strategic knowledge.

Some examples of use can be:

  • Create pages that combine corporate communication strategy with data analysis
  • Having dashboards or displays that combine local data with central data, even in real time to enable typical processes in the industry 4.0 environment
  • Contextualize budgeting & planning processes on a single page with analytical and impact assessment processes
  • Create interactive maps directly connected to the detection areas, through which to analyze the organization and distribution of your sales network
  • Publish the values of your internal production or sales in real time on the company portal
  • Integrate the progress of a marketing campaign
  • Etc..the only limit is the needs and creativity


Integrated mashup and analysis

ADVANCED ANALYTICS – Data Scientist approach for a data driven company

With the tools of Advanced  Analytics and the algorithms of Machine Learning we are now able to examine data, identify hidden correlations and scientifically predict links between phenomena that at a first analysis may be invisible, bringing to light more and more the intrinsic value of the data and making sure that generate information that is useful not only for understanding the present, but for guiding future business strategic choices.

Mashup with Qlik and R

qlik data mashup r

Thanks to the integration with R, a programming language specific for analysis statistics data, and Qlikview-Qlik Sense, it is possible to carry out, without complex programming interventions, advanced analyzes on Big Data , create graphs to facilitate their examination, evaluate their progress and better define development strategies, highlighting the activities that produce the best results, thus being able to concentrate their efforts on them.

mashup regression analysis

For example, it is possible to improve the maintenance activities of industrial equipment and household appliances, optimize material supplies in anticipation of market demands, predict purchasing behavior by consumer categories, improve the results of marketing campaigns or make management more effective. of company resources.

mashup advanced analytics

Blue BI Data Scientists can prepare analyzes for you such as:

  • linear regression analysis (simple or multiple);
  • statistical hypothesis test;
  • analysis of variance;
  • Principal Component Analysis (PCA);
  • time series analysis;
  • clustering;
  • classification;
  • text mining.

Ask for a meeting ( ) with our experts to learn more and let you illustrate the other success stories of Blue BI and grasp the potential offered by these solutions.


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