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Internet of Things applied to industry: a case of Predictive Maintenance

IOT industriale manutenzione predittiva


At an important manufacturer of industrial equipment, Blue BI has created an innovative analysis system for predictive maintenance that combines issues related to the Internet of Things, Predictive Analysis and Big Data.

SAP_Smart_deviceInternet of Things

The case concerns the need for connect, monitor and control in real-time the operating data generated by the sensors of a vast base of industrial equipment installed around the world.

SAP_Monitor_multi_screensPredictive Analysis

Statistical models have been developed on the data collected and organized in a specific data warehouse to describe the behavior of the equipment, predict future failures and optimize maintenance activities.

Big DSAP Database_technologyata 

The systems subject to control generate a very high number of transactions every day which therefore required a technological infrastructure that would allow not only the extraction and management of large volumes of data, but at the same time have in-memory capacity to guarantee the necessary computing performance.

The technological platform used was SAP: Hana (DB in-memory), Data Services (ETL procedures), Business Objects (front-end data analysis), Predictive and “R” language.

This typical example of IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) has allowed the company to make the entire after-sales process more efficient, with significant logistical savings on time and materials and significantly increasing the level of assistance for its customers.

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