Is it possible to work with Artificial Intelligence?

Collaborazione uomo Intelligenza Artificiale


2024: the generale context

According to the World Economic Forum, by 2027, the integration of AI and other technologies is expected to bring significant changes to 23% of jobs, creating 69 million new positions and eliminating 83 million. The main concern lies precisely with these data: will Artificial Intelligence eventually replace human labor? Is AI a danger or an opportunity? According to a survey conducted in 2023 by the Artificial Intelligence Observatory of the Polytechnic University of Milan, about 77% of Italians express fears and concerns about this new technology. However, Artificial Intelligence is actually a great opportunity as well as a necessary tool in everyday life. In general, AI will support humans in their work tasks by accelerating procedures and streamlining specific professions.

Human skills supporting Artificial Intelligence

The key to effective collaboration is integrating human capabilities with the analytical and data processing capabilities of AI. Here are some of the human skills needed to strengthen synergy with AI:

  • Critical thinking: critical thinking manifests in the ability to analyze and filter information obtained through Artificial Intelligence. This allows for identifying critical points and awareness of the possible ethical and social implications associated with the use of such data.
  • Creativity: creativity becomes a fundamental tool for surpassing the limits of AI. Designing effective AI models requires creativity in selecting and adapting algorithms and techniques to meet the specific needs of a problem.
  • Collaboration: collaboration becomes essential in the context of Artificial Intelligence as working synergistically optimizes the efficiency of one’s team.
  • Adaptability: adaptability is the ability to align with new technologies and tools based on AI in a timely manner. The result is the development of new skills and the ability to harness the benefits offered by these innovations to enhance one’s business.
  • Ethics and responsibility: AI specialists must be aware of the ethical implications of their actions. This includes understanding issues related to privacy, algorithmic bias, data security, and fairness in AI use.
Uomo e AI

Blue BI and Artificial Intelligence

Blue BI believes in Artificial Intelligence and recognizes the value of human choices. We offer various AI-based solutions, such as BBIxChatbot or BBIxForecasting, which we tailor to the specific needs of our clients. This approach highlights our commitment to combining the potential of AI with human sensitivity, thus creating a significant and sustainable impact. Contact us to learn more!

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