Life Science

Innovative solutions for the organizational and clinical management of ClinOps, Pharma Industries and Biotechnologies.

The Life Science sector includes companies and organizations operating in various fields of life sciences: from biotechnology to pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health services, research and development, up to clinical studies.

A sector that has never the need to apply the culture of data not only to the field of clinical research, but to every aspect of organizational management.

The common goal is to arrive at a new medicine of the future, which is predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory, able to compete on the global market, which is why all the players in the Life Science sector are moving to promote integration. between industry, research and the market.

Clinical Operations

Clinical Operations (ClinOps) are departments that operate with the aim of supporting the research and development program (R&D) of an organization, to promote and market innovative and/or experimental drugs and therapies. Clinical Operations follow the entire drug development phase, from phase I to phase IV.

The main criticalities of ClinOps include:

Pharma Industries & Biothecnologies

The pharmaceutical and biotech industries need BI and AI systems for strategic planning based on business and market information, able to guide them towards the best decisions.

life science business intelligence solutions

Life Science Consulting

Blue BI supports Life Science companies that want to exploit the data generated by internal and external sources to generate competitive advantage, through the development of Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics solutions for different business areas.

Our automation systems for data collection, analysis and monitoring allow to:

ML and self-learning systems work for constant process improvement.

KPIs and Dimensions for the Life Science sector

KPI Marketing and CRM


Tender Office

Credit Management

Sales Force Effectiveness

Customer Service

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Problems resolved

Main competitive advantages obtained for Lifescience, ClinOps, Pharma Industries and Biotechnologies companies:

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