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Integrazione BBIxChatbot - ChatGPT


ChatGPT is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics of the moment, the results obtained by this platform have raised the attention to the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

If we told you that integrating ChatGPT into BBI x Chatbot solutions can create an even more complete virtual assistant for business, would you believe it?

The intelligence of ChatGPT

Developed by Open AI, ChatGPT represents an important milestone in the development and application of Artificial Intelligence and Deep learning. Thanks to his machine learning skills he has made a lot of noise for his generally more relevant, more articulate and less error-prone response skills. ChatGPT also boasts, according to Max Woolf, Data Scientist of BuzzFeed, to have been the second chatbot to pass the Turing test. This test devised by Alan Turing in 1950 is a method used to assess whether a machine can exhibit an intelligent attitude. The test consists in human machine interaction: if the chatbot can simulate intelligent human responses thus deceiving the human examiner about its nature, the test can be considered passed.

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Our solution BBI x Chatbot

BBI x Chatbot is the Blue BI solution based on Artificial Intelligence and dedicated to the world of virtual assistants.

Our solution is not limited to Customer Care, but expands its possibilities by drawing on business intelligence data and allowing the execution of business processes in a reactive and proactive manner, integrating its analytics within descriptive and predictive analysis systems.

Specifically, it carries out help desk activities, business intelligence, digital marketing and process management, but the power of the solution is such that it can be adapted in different contexts of application and need.

We see BBI x Chatbot as a “work colleague” who, in his reference department, assists activities and supports human colleagues in everyday operations. Thanks to its services, it improves management operations, resolves business problems and facilitates access to company data, all in natural language, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

BBI x Chatbot and ChatGPT differences:

BBI x Chatbot stands out from ChatGPT in the following aspects:

  • Taylormade product: it is a virtual assistant designed directly with the Business to meet specific needs and requirements.
  • Access to company data and documents: BBI x Chatbot has the ability to connect to company data sources to provide timely responses to processes, documents and data present in internal systems.
  • Analytics: data analysis allows continuous improvement and monitoring of performance.
  • UX control: the customer has the possibility to customize the interaction of the virtual assistant with its interlocutors.
  • Escalation to a human agent: you can instruct the virtual assistant to redirect a complex request to the correct human agent. In addition, if the virtual assistant identifies a possible sales transaction, it can direct the conversation to the most suitable colleague.

BBI x Chatbot and ChatGPT integration

By leveraging the powerful capabilities of these two systems, you can combine the broad business knowledge held by BBI x Chatbot with the extensive knowledge of ChatGPT. The integration of these two complementary solutions gives life to a virtual assistant highly competent and able to handle the most varied requests of users. The range of possible answers goes from the question on the single business process to the request for a translation of a complex article.

The implementation of this solution at company level, brings the assistance offered to users to a level unimaginable until a few months ago.

The attention given to the User Experience was maximum, in fact, when opening the chat with the virtual assistant you can choose with which sistem you want to interact, thus leaving the user full freedom in the navigation of the conversation.



If you want, you can already test our integration between ChatGPT and BBI x Chatbot by clicking on the icon at the bottom right!

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