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Logistics and Transportation

Operations analysis, forecasting and optimization in the Logistics and Transportation sector

The industrial logistics sector deals with the handling and storage of goods, from the procurement of raw materials to the final distribution network of the products.

The organizational, managerial and strategic aspects have a significant impact on the containment of costs and return on investments, as well as on the optimization of production processes and on predictive sales scenarios.

Business Intelligence and the application of innovative technologies allow the strategic management of all the information of the micro and macro processes, to obtain competitive profit margins.

business intelligence per logistica e trasporti

Business Intelligence at the service of Logistics and Transport

Thanks to the AI and ML algorithms implemented through Business Intelligence systems, Blue BI creates solutions able to automatically collect all the information of the Operations to integrate them with territorial data ( GeoAnalytics ) and customers , to transform them into data useful for the processes data – driven planning.

Transport routes, loading and unloading points, costs, turnover, orders, loading and unloading times, CO2 emissions, vehicle capacity, real-time territorial data and forecasts on traffic, habits and consumption estimates, become high-level information strategic value, usable in real-time, through easy-to-interpret dashboards, for make on-time decisions and get reliable forecasts.

KPIs and Dimensions for the Logistics and Transportation sector

Blue BI solutions allow you to manage any specific information for the Logistics and Transportation sector with extreme efficiency and speed.

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