Luxury & Fashion

Data-driven managerial processes applied to the sector of fashion and luxury

Companies in the sector Luxury & Fashion are characterized by a high creative content and have specific needs: one of all the ability to synthesize the identity of the brand, the push to innovation and a top management able to develop strategies that take into account numbers, the market and the creative / artisan component.

Differentiating, profiling customers to attract and retain them, making reliable forecasts even in the absence of comparable historical series, planning complex distribution networks, are essential activities for companies that export exclusivity and luxury all over the world.

In all these areas, a data-driven approach is needed to support management and sector operators in making decisions with a high strategic value.

Blue BI creates Planning & Analysis solutions for the Luxury & Fashion sector thanks to the integration of Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence systems with the most famous management platforms. The integration of big data from multiple sources becomes a wealth of high-value information, easily usable for fast and reliable decision-making processes.

Blue BI simplifies the extraction of all the information necessary to “predict the future”.

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Machine Learning and AI in the Luxury & Fashion sector

The algorithms of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, combined with the right data warehouse infrastructures, allow the management of the enormous volume of information generated by the various “in house” and “outsourced” (big data) business tools.

The integration and return of significant data is therefore fast and functional , in a model that supports all the processes of companies operating in the fashion and luxury sectors:

KPIs and Dimensions for the Luxury & Fashion sector

Our in-depth knowledge of the sector allows us to operate on the main KPIs:

We manage every dimension to create the tailored solutions your strategy needs:

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Problems resolved

Numerous luxury companies and multinationals (jewerly, eyewear, clothing, shoes, accessories, with branches and distribution all over the world) have already relied on Blue BI to meet their Planning & Analysis needs:

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