Business Intelligence Solutions for Marketing

The corporate Marketing area needs to identify and address the needs of the reference market and monitor in real time the impact of corporate communication on the main touchpoints, allowing Blue BI to develop strategies aimed at increasing sales and acquisition of new leads.

Therefore, the most important mission of this area is to set up a customer-based orientation in every business activity that provides direct or indirect points of contact with the end customer.
Blue BI exploits the potential of modern, visual, easy and quick learning platforms such as Qlik Sense, Microsoft Power BI, Dataiku, SAS, Eloqua, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, from which it draws on the enormous amount of data available: through centralized and intuitive dashboards make them meaningful, integrating them with other information both within and outside the company, and easily accessible based on to the roles and objectives of the people for whom they are intended. In this way it transforms raw data into useful information in real time to adapt and reorganize the activities and processes of the Marketing area.

Blue BI for Marketing:

Over the years, Blue BI has created multiple solutions at the service of the marketing area. Some of the most common solutions implemented allow to:

business intelligence marketing solutions


Blue BI solutions for Marketing can be developed with different technologies:

They can be integrated with:

Blue BI integrations for Marketing

Geo Analytics

The integration of Geo Analytics tools allows geospatial analyzes and detailed territorial reports, integrating territorial data with company data, for an intuitive vision of the progress of digital strategies in relation to the territory. The combination of data superimposed on the territorial map can be used as a navigation and analysis dashboard to make “location related” decisions.


Possibility of integrating the analyzes in web applications of the company intranet or on the institutional website, so as to make automatically updated data available.

Custom applications per user

Possibility to modify the analysis processes in complete autonomy and safety, in an environment separate from the certified versions.


We measure the User Adoption of sharing and analysis tools to intercept critical issues and promptly intervene with corrections that allow us to maximize the return on the Business Analysis investment for marketing.

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