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Have you chosen to go to the Cloud by adopting Microsoft Azure and are you looking for a partner who can help you configure it in the best possible way?

Talk to us, we can help you improve your environment and so you can focus on your business.
Blue BI believes that Cloud technology is the right way to go and we can  support you in the digitization and modernization process.

Do you have a Microsoft Azure subscription that you’d like to get more out of?

Fully adopt Digital Transformation thanks to a robust Cloud platform, Business Intelligence and Analytics. The constant and frequent optimization of the Azure environment ensures a reduction in costs and an increase in performance. We can help you through the following implementations:


An accurate optimization of the infrastructure dimensioning faithful to your needs, the shutdown of unused resources and exploiting the on-demand scalability according to the workload, allow you to improve the performance and continuity of the services provided.


When using pay-per-use infrastructures, cost control is an essential element, but their correct configuration can be as complex as necessary: with the automatic scaling, start / stop, advanced scripting functions and the advice of our experts, you can adapt the infrastructure according to your needs and at peak times


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