Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Microsoft has developed a family of Business Intelligenceproducts and software for the collection, analysis and visualization of business data in an easy and intuitive way, through dahboards that update in real time.

Gartner recognizes Microsoft as the market leader for the 14th consecutive year in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for analytics and business intelligence platforms. 

In Blue BIwe have developed in-depth technical and functional skills on the main Microsoft software platforms: 

TimeXtender permette di trasformare dati poco significativi e grezzi in informazioni di elevato valore strategico: attraverso la creazione di modelli che permettono di unificare tutti i processi e le differenti sorgenti dati, è possibile interrogare un’unica piattaforma e reperire qualsiasi dato con un click.

In Blue BI abbiamo sviluppato approfondite competenze tecniche e funzionali sulle principali soluzioni di Business Analytics, usiamo con successo questa tecnologia per:

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Tecnologia TimeXtender

La piattaforma TimeXtender permette di governare il dato in maniera semplice, centralizzata e visuale: è possibile analizzare un singolo flusso e determinare da cosa deriva e che impatti avrà una modifica su di esso. Inoltre è possibile impostare regole di business atte a verificare l’accuratezza del dato e la sua conformità a regole prestabilite, decidendo se scartare o accettare quel determinato dato.

TimeXtender è eseguibile su ambienti on-premise, cloud e ibridi.

Principali vantaggi

Dataiku è una piattaforma pensata per interagire in maniera agile e flessibile con i diversi partner dell’ecosistema di AI per il business.

È compatibile con i più importanti sistemi Cloud: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure.

Ottieni una gestione più rapida ed efficace per i tuoi progetti di Data Science.

Power BI e Azure

Power BI is Microsoft’s Business Intelligence platform that enables you to get detailed information and self-service analytics in a shared, secure environment at the same time. Keep business data secure through end-to-end encryption and real-time access monitoring. By combining with the Azure cloud platform, Blue BI creates BI solutions tailored to the various industry sectors, business units and specific project needs.

Thanks to the combination with the Azure cloud platform , Blue BI realizes BI solutions tailored to the various industrial sectors , business units and specific project needs.

BI Simple

The Microsoft Power BI BI platform, combined with the Azure cloud platform, provides users with extremely powerful analysis tools that are easy to combine,as they are completely consistent with the interaction modes of the tools you are already used to (such as Excel and office tools).

Power BI allows to obtain amazing “insights” through the built-in Artificial Intelligence tools, with the possibility to analyze data from any platform, evenremotoremotely.

IIn addition, Microsoft’s BI platform allows us to create synthesis dashborad dashborads that can be used on any device in real-time, where every single KPI can be analyzed through in-depth reports.

Data Warehouse

The structure of the information repository ( Data warehouse ) that we have created through the Microsoft BI platform, allows you to relate all the information coming from the various company areas (sales, CRM system, internal information system (ERP), POS applications , etc.) with data from external sources (web, market analysis, geoanalytics data, Excel sheets and any other source). In this way it is possible to access more complete analyses, perform the Mash-up of data and infer useful indications to make the best decisions (focus marketing investments, optimize resources, review production and/ or sales estimates, etc.).

In addition, the implementation of complex and rigorous processes of collection and synthesis of information in the repository created through the Microsoft BI platform allows you to drastically reduce the production time of synthesis reports and minimize potential errors.

The less effort and time required to make analyses and estimate the impact of decisions, comparing different forecasting scenarios, allows you to shorten the time to review budgets and increase their frequency.

Reliability and Safety

Power BI is an Azure-based cloud platform, automatically updated with the highest security standards directly from the parent company.

With the powerbi supervision feature, you can identify and analyze risky behavior patterns and set up rules that will continue to protect your data even after export.
All this is accompanied by a dashboard that allows you to view the totality of users’ accesses,set alerts on how many times or from where they download data , in order to allow you to always have control of your data at 360 degrees.

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Benchmark Blue BI

We keep ourselves constantly updated on all the technologies present on the Business Analysis market. One of the value-added services we offer is the drafting of Comparative benchmarks between the different BA solutions, built on the basis of customer needs and based on project operational experiences, in addition to the evaluation of product technical specifications.

Benchmark analysis is essential to support the customer in selecting the technology that best suits his needs.