Next Level Showroom: the Mixed Reality solution for the Fashion sector



Next Level Showroomis an innovative solution created by Blue BI for the Fashion sector. It radically changes the way to prepare and live the event, both for the company and for the buyers involved. The solution leverages the latest data analytics technologies and combines the capabilities of artificial intelligence and Mixed Reality.

Automated data with artificial intelligence

Have you ever found the collection of data required for the showroom extremely laborious? The need to link data to sample products not yet placed on the market entails a significant cost of time and resources.

How great would it be to automate the whole process?

With our solution, thanks to the application of artificial intelligence algorithms, you’ll be able to get a list of similar products and get the useful information organized in a report.

In fact, this technology, combined with Deep Learning, allows us to create an automated system to recognize the products displayed and associate to them those most similar within the catalog, instantly and reliably.

A new Mixed Reality experience for brands

Next Level Showroom frees the buyer from the weight of portable devices, such as PCs or tablets, and provides him with a whole new experience within an AR environment. Wearing the headset the buyer can view in the space around the reports generated in real time based on the data provided by the AI algorithm.

The interaction takes place in a completely hand-free, intuitive and fast way: the buyer is involved in the visualization of data and the browsing of products. In particular he is able to create its own order list, adding from time to time the items of its interest. In addition, it is possible to make the buyer share their experience with colleagues remotely.

What are the advantages of Next Level Showroom?

Next Level Showroom is able to save time for both the buyer and the event organizer, leading to a reduction in costs and enhancing the company’s power branding.

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