Processing Data from Google Analytics: an Essential Support for the Digital Team

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In our increasingly connected digital age, establishing an online presence through websites has become essential for every type of business. It is estimated that there are more than 8 billion Google searches every day.

Collecting online interactions with company websites and subsequently analyzing visitor statistics is a fundamental element for improving a company’s business strategy.

Google Analytics as an Engine for Growth

The primary web analysis service is Google Analytics, currently in its fourth iteration, often referred to as GA4 (Google Analytics 4). This free service collects user navigation data, which is then processed, developed, and displayed within the platform.

The main benefits of web analysis activities include:

  • Gaining Insights into User Behavior: understanding metrics like time spent on the site, interactions, most-clicked links, etc.
  • Optimizing User Experience: based on indicators such as bounce rate, time to page, and conversion rate, web pages can be improved to make the content more interesting and enjoyable for the user.
  • Content Targeting: by analyzing page engagement, it’s possible to segment visitors and understand which type of audience is most interested in specific content.
  • Evaluating Marketing Campaigns: a proper marketing strategy can lead to increased visits and engagement on the website. Indicators like traffic sources, referral sources, and conversion rates are useful for understanding the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.
  • Business Growth: implementing “data-driven” evaluations based on Google Analytics metrics helps make more informed decisions and develop more effective business strategies.
Google Analytics Data

Data Collection and Analysis Tools

Google Analytics offers standard APIs for data extraction, which can be easily collected and stored within the company’s information assets. Data collection can be performed through simple clients capable of invoking Google Analytics APIs, or through more advanced tools like Google cloud services, Amazon AppFlow, or Azure Data Factory.

From simple dashboards or KPIs to more advanced tools such as clustering segmentation, churn analysis, and AI models, data analysis is crucial because it allows for the extraction of significant, often non-trivial, information from the data.

For those preferring to stay within the Google infrastructure, the Looker Studio service offers a comprehensive Business Intelligence platform for data visualization and analysis. The main advantage of Looker is its native integration with Google Analytics and other Google suite services (Google Ads, Google Sheets, BigQuery, etc.), which speeds up data collection. However, it is still a young service and lacks some features and optimizations present in competing services like Power BI and Qlik Sense.

Blue BI boasts a decade of experience in the Business Intelligence sector and can assist in collecting information from Google Analytics, enabling visualization through dashboards and analysis for insight gathering. Our expertise allows not only for the extraction of data from Google Analytics but also for the analysis of this data to obtain valuable information that can help you make more informed decisions.

We realize Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics solutions to transform simple data into information of freat strategic value.


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