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The Product Benchmark is a comparative tool between the various BA solutions, essential to support the customer in selecting the technology that best suits his needs.

Thanks to the Blue BI Benchmark , companies can achieve:

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benchmark blue bi software business intelligence

The Blue BI Benchmark

Our Benchmarks are made by constantly updated senior Blue BI staff , with skills in the organization and management of the most modern and complex analytical platforms.

Let’s analyze 3 fundamental aspects:

benchmark blue bi software business intelligence

BI Sanity Check

Assessment of the architectural / methodological adequacy of tools, technologies and platforms adopted in the company, together with surveys of analytical maturity and company organization.

The entire organization, process or functional area can be evaluated in the form of a benchmark with respect to the reference market or the industrial sector. We analyze D&A paradigms and trends with the support of Gartner and the Politecnico di Milano Observatory.

The BI Sanity Check is the first step to define a plan for the modernization, action or evolution of Business Intelligence in the company.

benchmark blue bi software business intelligence

BI Assessment

The detection of the BI Assessment it goes beyond the analysis of the architectural / methodological adequacy of BI and IT tools. We detect the objects more deeply by feature in the various layers (DWH, ETL flows, Data Mart, users, groups, technologies, adopted paradigms, etc.).

A vertical benchmark on technological and process performance towards the various areas of analysis (eg detection of bottlenecks and / or critical issues). We detect specific bottlenecks and any structural or methodological inadequacies or weaknesses.

The BI Assessment is the next step to the BI Sanity Check, it is a detailed picture of the efficiency of the BI & BA systems introduced in the company.

benchmark blue bi software business intelligence

BI Software Selection

It is the most advanced level of Benchmark suitable for companies that have already adopted an analytical platform and intend to evolve it towards more ambitious solutions or that are approaching the selection of the platform from the so-called green field , a zero starting point.

The Benchmark Software Selection responds to the need to choose the right Software Vendor, without conditioning, but based on objective data. We adopt a specific methodology based on the evaluation of the type of users and processes involved, weights and constraints, in order to choose the best analytical platform for specific needs.

By partnering with Gartner , we base the benchmark on globally competitive intelligence data.

Business Intelligence as a forced choice

In a world that is running fast towards the changes imposed by AI and ML technologies, companies have only one choice: seize the opportunities of Data & Analytics strategies, transforming them into an engine capable of accelerating the ability to anticipate, change and respond to business needs, or succumb to the market players who will be the first to be equipped with BI paradigms, tools and solutions.

It is the Analytics Divide : an irreversible process of differentiation capable of determining, in a not too distant scenario, the very suitability of companies to stay on the market.

At the basis of this technological evolution is the ability of companies to implement complex architectures for data analysis and the use of machine learning algorithms.. This is why choosing the correct technological infrastructure represents a real challenge that can determine the real production of an ML model , thus decreeing the success or failure of the entire investment.

Determining the success of BI & BA

Business intelligence is a fundamental ally for companies that want to make strategic decisions based on Big Data and achieve concrete objectives.

The success of a BI & BA project is determined by the correct initial choices made at the level of infrastructure and technology: inadequate decisions will limit future possibilities or lead to the failure of the project.

Basing the choice of technology to be introduced in the company on individual opinions and a lack of understanding of the limitations and advantages of all available technologies, too often leads to the development of insufficient or inadequate BI solutions, with consequent abandonment and economic loss.

The Benchmark Blue BI is the value-added service that allows you to make the best choices, to implement winning projects, optimizing your investment.

The importance of BI Benchmarking

Starting a Business Intelligence & Analytics path in the company is a delicate moment full of insides.

The most frequent errors that compromise the very success of the project and its adoption concern:

Negative ROI and low adoption rates are the consequence of misjudgments made at the base of the whole process.


We are not a software vendor: we introduce the best technological solution based on the context and business needs, without any conditioning. It is not the company that has to adapt to the BI solution: it is the technology that is modeled on the company, improving existing processes and proposing innovative solutions.

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